#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


You don’t seem to be a fan of Blitz posters judging by your posting history.


I rate Francis more than most.
He has nothing to do with Baguley and his position though.
Obviously - Bags is getting older and isn’t going to improve.
He is a good mark, has a good leap, is above average in speed, has a decent tank and reads the ball and player well. Exactly what you’d like in his position.


Who do you think he was playing on all year?


I agree with everything you have said. However what I said was that if and to again highlight it’s a big if, Baguley is one player that Francis could replace. Francis needs to make it a discussion point!


Baguley doesn’t offer much aerobically? And Francis is his replacement for this reason? Do go on.

I wouldn’t want to see Francis line up on Eddie Betts next year. Eddie Betts however would love the opportunity.


I’m not sure how many different ways I can clarify the very same position I posted initially? I NEVER SAID FRANCIS SHOULD REPLACE BAGULEY!!! I said he could IF he improves given Baguley doesn’t offer much aerobically. Not rocket science.


So in the space of one off-season Baguley has become slow and incapable of turning with no tank?

This does not sound like the guy who I’ve been watching for the last 6 years.


I don’t think, even with Francis’s inevitable improvement - and he will be a star - he will ever be the kind of player to replace Bags.
If we’re talking about a spot in the 22, and not Bag’s actual position - then you may as well just say best 22.


Why do you hate Baguley?


Serious? Please show me where I obviously inadvertently indicated that?


I’m joking mate :smile:


Is that in response to one of my posts? If so, please confirm where I said that.


Sure thing…


Sherman is right…


Yep so you said “incapable of turning with no tank”. Your own quotes confirmed this statement is a nonsense. The question provided to me was how could Francis possibly replace Baguley. Hence my comments. It’s not a criticism of Baguley who has been a good player.


Bobshearman does not rate this post.


I think maybe you’re taking this all a bit too seriously


Werewolf. Baguley and Francis are completely different types of players. Can’t believe we’re even having this convo.


Yeah but if Frances dyed his hair, shrunk a bit and started running slower then he might be able to take Bags’ spot.



He would also have had to come from Frankston as a HBF.