#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


…he did a pretty good impersonation of someone who did.


Are you basing that on all his public statements through the trade period?


The comments about Baguley’s aerobic limitations had me reminiscing about this clip:




Sooo… this threads jumped the shark.


I have a theory… and it may relate to Francis.

In the old days the fast twitch fiber beasts (see G Ablett Snr) could get by on a bit of aerobic fitness.

What the game requires now in terms of aerobic capacity is making the usain bolts/michael jordans of the afl less athletic. If you take an explosive athlete and flog him in terms of type two stuff. They become less athletic.


I think about Dempsey with this.

he was lightning quick early in his career, but lacked endurance in a big way. Many people in this forum wanted him delisted after 2 seasons because we just couldn’t get him on the park.
He really struggle to get over his soft tissue injuries. After a while he built his endurance, was able to over come soft tissue injuries, but never got that lightning acceleration back.

He was always very quick throughout his career, but was blistering early on.


He was never as quick after his knee injury unfortunately.


One of the funniest movies ever made :joy:


Basing it on the fact that he and his manager handed in a trade request and his manager said they wanted a trade when interviewed.


one thing you didn’t mention is that he bulked up considerably as well.
I remember one PS when ppl were posting pics of Demps here on BB and everyone was gobsmacked how big he’d become…


Hmmm, I wonder if Francis could take Baguley’s role?
If anyone has any thoughts on the matter, I’d really love to read about them.


It definatly was him the first 7 or 8 rounds this year, then he got back into form!


I could be wrong but it wasnt unfolded like that, Taken out of context completely.


everyone in the know said it was a club lead sentiment.




It depends…

Back in the day you just had to go when the ball came to your area.

Then you had to be able to run all day and explosive power was less important

Then they started running a million interchanges and you had to go for 2 minutes and then sit for 2 minutes, and explosive-ness + recovery was king

Then they introduced interchange limits to deliberately slow the play (ostensibly to reduce impact injuries, or whatever), and being able to run all day without a break became more important again.

And in the future they will tweak more rules that change the balance again to something they hadn’t considered.


That makes no sense. How can training harder make you less athletic?


I waiting for the change that means athleticism and skill are not required. Until then, I will continue drinking my lattes and eating donuts.


Too much endurance training interferes with strength and power. I.e makes people slower