#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


Haven’t you heard?
Hurls is moving to the midfield.


Positive feedback not long ago on Aaron with where his head is at and embracing the club. Trade talk long gone. Obviously can’t give sensative details but was really encouraged. Hopefully its a total new start physically and mentally.


There is more than three months to go until the season proper starts. Lots of good and bad can happen between now and then for Francis and the other players to get themselves together. Or for an opportunity to present itself to them. A lot of what decides whether a sportsperson makes it or not is between the ears and just how hard they want to work for it. It is up to Francis and the others to decide their own fate.


Forward or Back?

Inside or Outside?


Might be just me but Hurley looks as fit as ever. Doesn’t look over weight or pudgy where sometimes in the past he has.

Back to back AA coming up.


Hurley looks the skinniest I’ve ever seen him. Are they honestly just turning him into a 3rd tall/flanker? Will still be an outstanding player but not sure if I like the move if true.


And the opposite of Hurley is Hartley who has bulked up considerably around the chest and shoulders. I have had to look twice on several occasions as I didn’t recognise him. They must have him in mind for the monsters.


I think this was inevitable. Lost out on some body-on-body contests this year maybe a little to do with upper body strength…it’s not surprising considering all the shoulder injuries/surgeries he’s had since being drafted. Here’s hoping he can improve his wrestling/negating skills while also improving his ability to be a more proactive backman with intercept marks and using his lethal kicking skills which is under-utilised.


More than anything Hartley needs to keep his eyes on it and back himself. He got into trouble last year when he got turned around looking for his man. I think he needs to decide whether he wants to play from behind and spoil or play from in front and go for it. Personally I don’t think he has the knack of playing from Infront and denying his opponent a run at it like Hurley did at his best.

Regardless our defense as a whole will improve if our midfield pressure improves


Agree - didn’t he have post-season surgery on his wrist and hip? Pretty hard to hit the weights post recovery from wrist and hip surgery.


Also have to remember that even though Hartley is mature age he’s still only played 30 something games.


If Francis can keep Hartley out of the team we are going places.


am I the only one who likes Harts???


And Walla


Only player in our final to keep his player goalless.


That’s not right i don;t think, i watched the game again last week he got spanked in the air, not as bad as hurls but he was on sinclair and buddy at different times too i think.


I reckon he is very harshly dealt with here


Why would you watch that again?


It was a shocker of a game but I don’t think they had 21 individual goal kickers ( and I don’t remember Walla on Buddy or the back pocket)

So I think you’re exaggerating a touch.
( I’m not rewatching it for quids - someone else can flog themselves)


Not at all, imagine how good Francis would have to be playing to keep a good solid backman such as Harts out of the team.