#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


Bob, sanctioned with a permaban?
Ok by me.
He is a troll rat, and does not deserve redemption.


He was beautiful.
And now he’s gone.


Wow, 1000 year ban. I feel very lucky to be here considering some of the dumb stuff I have posted.

BTW I watched the ANZAC game again recently and thought Francis was pretty good; another year of training under his belt and he’ll be good to go. We won that game with Luey rucking, McNeice in the back pocket (as well as Baguley) and Brown. Our depth is great and Francis will get his opportunity to shine this year along with a few other guys.


Is this what got him banned? I’m confused


Gone but not forgotten.

The brightest stars always burn out fastest.




@bobshearman is all the ways you wish you could be. He looks like you wanna look. He ■■■■■ like you wanna ■■■■. He is smart, capable, and most importantly…

He is free in all the ways you are not.


When Bob is allowed back in 3017, Telcos might be able to deliver the internet speeds they have been promising. However, Real Estate Agents will still be underquoting.


I would’ve rather have seen bob made mod than banned.






In loving memory of bobs blitz highlights


So anyone got the info why he’s not training?


Permaban one would imagine




Hes done. onto red head #2, come on down redman.


I didn’t mind Bob calling all you idiots idiots, but one day he called me an idiot, and that’s just not on!




Seriously, ‘low rent scum’ is awesome. With or without Bob’s blessing, I’m adding it to my repertoire.


something something about a broken clock being right or something