#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


Sounds like we are both in the same situation.

To go from being able to do anything to nothing is demoralising.


The finer side of footy commentary.


Watched Francis play VFL in June and July in 2017 and he was fit enough for VFL, and not that far off AFL, if he played the same role in defence - Based on that, a bit of good work in the pre-season should have had him ready to play AFL in round 1 - His injury woes are totally misreported - He’s probably missed around 2 or 3 games in each of his 2 seasons.


That’s right. He’s played 30 games over his first 2 seasons. That’s a very solid number of games for any player in their first 2 years.


Aaron Francis played the Anzac Day game, kicked a goal from 50 metres and we won. We won Anzac Day! Some people are never happy.


Mark Mercuri was never the same after his brother’s death.
The loss of a sibling can be devastating.


Problem is he hasn’t had a decent preseason yet


His brother cannot be an excuse. Yes he may still be grieving, but that shouldn’t stop him training hard IF he wants an AFL career.

I personally think we have another one of those often injured and unable to get the body right type players. Sad when a super talented kid is unable to get on the field.


I hear ya!


“He’s played 30 games over his first 2 seasons.“

Unless Aboods is tripping or we have an odd strategy of playing injured ‘types’ in the vfl this is a troubling stat where your personal theory is concerned.


That wasn’t the only reason.


An increasingly more unlivable one, you?


That’s easier said than done. A family death can impact some people way more than others.


Did his brother pass away before, or after he was drafted?




Feeling like the discussion of his brothers death should maybe be stricken from this thread. Nobody’s business but his


Give the young fella a break. We wish him all the best, it sounds like he is really trying but his body isn’t letting him yet, but it still could come given Crow is a good operator.

Getting his mind and body working together could help him a lot if he can be taught how to do this. Mindfulness training in the hands of a skilled person who understands sports performance could be a great help.

Mindfulness training helped Dustin Martin and the whole of Richmond reach its potential last year and is really catching on worldwide. It teaches you how to be in the moment and leave negative stuff behind.

It is actually based on Buddhist meditation and philosophy so it isn’t really new by a long shot, but its use in sports is new and it is working really well to help people get in and stay in the zone.


Get rid of the couch.




It’s a Internet forum, with opinions. people discuss. I never get this line of thinking. It’s not crossing the line,

If it was before, I’d think the club would have done the necessary homework on his mental state around it. Personally I think it’s not the difference between him being a successful footballer or not. Bad ■■■■ happens in life and it happens to everyone. See jarrad McVeigh, Riewoldt, jesse Hogan, Florent etc. the club wouldn’t draft someone at 6 if they thought it was going to be a issue imo

Like what cjohns said, it’s going to depend on how much Francis wants to apply himself whether he wants to be a really good player. Let’s hope he wants it enough