#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”



so not…


I haven’t got a clue. Maybe we should ask @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS


Why would he not be there, even if he’s injured?



Legit, that photo did not help.


Actually feel really vindicated now.

I knew there was one, … I really liked Rectify.

And they do look really similar, … so screw you guys, … :laughing:

But I would have sworn on me Mum’s grave Quinn played the older brother in that film.

You know what it was??

I was crossing 2 Pitt Movies over, … where he played the Younger brother in both with a cranky old man …



Now who hasn’t done that?? :roll_eyes:

Anyway, … just watch the bluddy movie!!


So who was the redhead running laps on the second oval, during the third quarter of the game? Mysterious.


A franga on the list is safe, but thats not what frangas were made for.


…for the 2018 season



Does anyone actually know what’s wrong with him at the monent? He’s barely trained at all this pre season.


From a few weeks ago:

Young forward Aaron Francis had a slight setback after developing soreness in his hip flexor, more specifically the psoas bursa in his hip.

“That usually responds well to cortisone and rest so we’ll see him back running if not Friday, on Monday and we’ll take a slow and steady approach to make sure we get that right,” Crow said.


that was just over 3 weeks ago.

3 weeks seems a while for soreness, no?


Yeah agree.


Bursitis is really bad but not nearly as bad as Porplyzia.


Where the fark are you Aaron?


Found him!


Why is Hepp kneeling down and wearing a kilt???


What’s this? A symposium of genetic mutation?


Now that is funny!!!


He has taken personal leave away from the club.


Really? What the hell