#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


From SBS

Aaron Francis has taken personal leave from AFL club Essendon, who have also lost Jayden Laverde for 10 weeks with a hamstring tendon injury.

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Top-10 AFL draft pick Aaron Francis has taken personal leave from Essendon.

Teammate Orazio Fantasia has revealed Francis had sought time away from the club.

There was also bad injury news for the Bombers, with a hamstring tendon injury to sideline Jayden Laverde for 10 weeks.

Laverde was injured during Saturday’s intra-club hit-out.

Francis, the No.6 pick in the 2015 national draft, has only managed five games in two seasons.

After last season, he unsuccessfully sought a trade back to his native SA.

“He’s an interesting one - he told the boys last week that he’s just going to take a bit of personal time, away from the footy club,” Fantasia told Adelaide 5AA radio on Tuesday.

"Aaron is going to be a crucial part of this team so to get him right off the field is No.1.

“You know how hard the game can be, even if you’re in a good head space.”

Laverde’s hamstring strain is the latest injury blow for the 21-year-old, who has played 23 senior games since his 2015 debut.

He needed pre-season ankle surgery last year and did not return to the AFL until round 18.

Last week, Travis Colyer had foot surgery that will put him out of action for the first six rounds of the season.

But there is better news on star defender Michael Hurley, who hurt his left hand during Saturday’■■■■■-out.

A scan has shown no wrist fracture and he could be available for AFL pre-season matches.


Looks like I’m the only one left on the Franga train.

He’s only 20. Plenty of time.


Kids gone through a lot off field. Hope he gets himself right and then maybe he can start thinking about enjoying his footy. Have a heart guys


there are some truly pathetic comments in this thread


Its early February. Still time to get his head and body into a place where he can play some good footy. Same with Lav.


That article is laughable… big blow… pls. neither were even best 22.


Exactly, Cyril took months off at Hawthorn for personal reasons and there was no issue with that at all.


Difference is that Cyril is a legit gun who could do no wrong with his track record at the hawks


Clearly has some issues. I doubt he will become much for us, but I’m not angry. That’s just the way it goes. His mental health is far more important than him playing footy


Aside from that… he’s cooked. Done.


Yes and that makes the article a bit of a beat up in the context of the team, but I sympathise with the individual players concerned. They are not getting a decent crack at it, and it must be very frustrating for them.


As Wesley Snipes said “Always bet on black”


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I genuinely wish the kid all the best. I don’t think he’ll make it, but that’s life. Hope he gets better.


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Yep. Some of you guys need to pull your heads in.