#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”




Welcome to Adelaide rookie draft pick 57 Aaron Francis.


Right up there for stupidest post of 2018. Long way to go, but I don’t think it will be ousted from number one.


Soooo disrespectful ■■■


I wonder what an armchair psychiatrist would think of this post


where is ben doolan @?


Small angry man takes out their insecurities and frustrations on everything/one except themselves?


It’s crap news, mostly for Francis and I wish him well with all things mental health.

But fkn seriously, between this and the Laverde thread there seems to be a complete inability to tolerate any sort of disappointment without spitting vitriol, blame and basically foot stamping.

We’ve had an absolutely ripping off-season, it’s disappointing to get injuries, but every club has them, that’s footy. Attacking J.Crow and his fitness team is also pretty rich given there recent record.


You leave Arsenal out of this :smile:


Man calls club pathetic. Stop the press.


It hasn’t been a great day for our list. I have been a supporter of Francis and wanting people to give him time. I reckon I’m wrong. There were people when he was recruited saying he would be a bust. I hope we employ the people that made that call.
I wish him all the best but clearly a horrible result for Essendon.


Where is it written that the #6 pick will be a success? There’s no guarantee with any draft pick. Sometimes you get it right, and sometimes you don’t. There’s any number of failed top 10 picks over the years. It happens all the time. For any number of reasons.


Some dont have the required genetics to reach AFL level fitness.


Melbourne Storm were also definitely incorporating mindfulness training at one point and really positive about it. They might still be doing it, unsure though


Didn’t get a full pre-season*

*at Essendon


Best wishes to the big red one, hope he comes back fit, strong and raring to go.


Oh please, fans upset at losing a key prospect on an anonymous footy forum so they are “disrespectful pea hearted ■■■■■” Get over your Virtue Signalling.


In an Adelaide guernesy though right, wasn’t it implied he’s going there as soon as contract comes up


It takes serious strength to let people know that your struggling and then asking for time to sort yourself out. Especially in the cut throat nature of professional football.

Good luck to the young man. Get happy. Get healthy. Get plenty of friends and family time.


Didnt want to read into it, but during team photos he didn’t seem to be one bit as jovial as the others. Not one smile.

Yes there could have been a chance he smiled when there were no cameras, I just hope he gets some clarity on life and selfishly part of that is footy with the Bombers.