#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


Yep, if only there was some way to test the fitness of players before we draft them…


So true, good call


If that’s the case so be it.

I think it will bite us.

But if he wants to go home then we can’t stop him.


Would be great for Blitz to player sponsor him- would be a show of the supporter base being behind him.


Today’s news not surprising. But like others said he’s shown courage putting his hand up. There’s some good mental health professionals, lets hope he can get into a good mindset. Footy doesn’t really matter, life’s more important.


No we ■■■■■■■ couldn’t have.

Melbourne traded up to pick 3, which became pick 4 because of Academy picks, we had pick 4&5, which became picks 5&6.

Melbourne took Clayton Oliver at pick 4, having traded up to ensure they could get him. We took Parish at pick 5 and then Francis at pick 6.

Didn’t Francis’ brother did the year he was drafted and he comes from a close knit family. In hindsight it would probably have been best for the young man to stay with his family in SA.


Are you serious?


Precisely. It was Jack Watts that we passed on for Francis.



Is that the most humane report from jon ralph ever?


Thought it was positive enough to warrant showing here, know it’s not normal to post Ralphy stuff


Where did you hear this? Potentially important information as cortisone can have serious impact on the mental state, especially if there is already signs of depression.


If true, it has a huge effect on energy level and Lethargy also.


The first step in getting Aaron to the player we all believe he can be was to stand up and say he needs help.

For someone to do that 20 years of age is huge.

Going by the comments on here by a lot of you, none of you would be willing to stand up and say I need help, and with that I’m sure a lot of you don’t ask your mates if they are ok. I’m sure you say “man up mate, don’t be a puss y”

I expect Aaron to be back within the next few weeks. He will be training his bum off back home. Will play in the VFL and by round 10 we will have no choice but to pick him.


What also helps is, not getting abused while walking down the street when he’s minding his own Buissness.

Some of the comments in this forum excuse and accept this type of behaviour.


I seem to remember someone on here yelled at Francis for having a laugh with Sam Draper after an AFL game (which we lost)

Some people on here think these players are robots and are born to play a game of football and that is all.


Not good might as well cut our loses and trade him to one of the SA clubs at the end of the season obivously injuries and the rigours of play AFL is too much for him to cope.


Well that’s their job.


I sympathise and indeed I can empathise, however getting ■■■■■■ off is a reasonable way to feel - not at Aaron mind you, it’s obviously not his fault. Elite sport is a cut throat business and we bombers have been getting our Arsenal kicked for a very, very long time. When we invest pick 6 and get it wrong we as supporters rightly get peeved. I don’t believe anyone is suggesting it’s Aaron’s fault however in likely hood we just blew pick 6 and we had a very long time to conduct our due diligence.
I appreciate there are bigger things than football but I don’t wear the guernsey of those things and I don’t hang out on ethics forums, I’m here as an Essendon football club fan. Add Laverde to this news and that’s a big ■■■■■ sandwich to chew on.


I think we tried that last year mate