#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


Try again.


What do you do for a living mate?

Are you defined by what you do 24/7? Are you able to have a laugh outside of your job?

But you are right. Football is their job. And a job is a job. Like any job, things can get stressful, and some may need to take some time out to get themselves together.

Hardly any reason to be dragged across the coals for.


Yeah reckon Aaron will ask again.


what happened to that ignore option @riolio?


I’m a ■■■■■■■ at my job and a ■■■■■■■ in real life. So yes, defined by my job 24/7. I also never laugh.


Well then it’s times like this that real men will ask you; are you ok?

So Alex, are you ok?

There are plenty of options if you are not, just yell out if you need to have a chat.


I am kind of ashamed by some of the comments on here.

Grow up peps.

The kid has had to deal with some terrible stuff & maybe going home for a bit of a rest will be great for him.

Who knows?

Anyway, at the end of the day he can take as long as he needs. It wont make any difference to the clubs performance.


Dead inside. Thanks for asking.


I remember Kyle Hardingham said in an interview that he would regularly get verbally attacked by supporters because we picked him instead of Michael Barlow.

Yep, there are some seriously ordinary people around.


Believe in Francis…sometimes people need to reset…going back home is probably the tonic he needs…seeing his mum and dad is the perfect remedy.


How long has it been since Christmas break? Isn’t his bro living with him now? Kidding yourself if you think it’s just a little bout of home sickness.


How would you know what his feeling are you his mate? Being around family would be more positive than not.


Injury report from the 19th Jan

Aaron Francis also sat out from training in the first week back but is expected to return early next week.

“He has some mild irritation in his hip flexor, which usually responds well to cortisone rest so we are expecting Aaron to be back running, if not today, on Monday. We will take a slow approach just to make sure we get that right,” Crow said.

I may be mistaken on whether cortisone rest is the same as cortisone treatment however as aint no GP!

I’d expect it’s pretty tough sitting at home while your team mates and roomies go off to training everyday.

So hence not surprising decided to go home for a bit.


It’s not unreasonable to wish this young man all the best in his pursuit of mental stability yet from a list build perspective acknowledge that his progress as a footballer to date, and how he projects going forward, is disappointing as a bomber fan.


The curse of pick #6.


Get around him more now than ever.


Wouldn’t that report indicate he should be back training now?


It’s a joke, you idiotic cockwomble!


Sad news for Franga. Hope he gets all the help and support he needs, and well done to the club for putting his health and wellbeing first.
Cant wait for the big boy to get back to the club, and I will be cheering loudest for him when he pulls on the red and black.


No you’re not.