#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


Should be but isn’t perhaps. Thus everything they are trying he isn’t responding to treatment wise.

You know what that likely means. Surgery time and long layoff no doubt. Another hurdle for him.


But seriously, it’s a joke. I’m sure you meant well @cul_de_sac.

I’ve been one of his biggest fans since day dot and having had mental issues myself at one point, I can say that all he needs to do is get his head right and he’ll come good. How he does that is up to that person and only they can find themselves again. Whilst things can look down now, it can turn around very quickly in all/any aspects of your life.


I’m not confident he’ll ever make it, but in the scheme of life that’s not the most important thing for him now. I hope time at home can really help him to overcome the difficulties he is having.


Don’t know who else on here has ever had cortisone treatment, but I did a very long time ago and it was farking dire.

Made me put on weight, my feet used to swell and I felt sick in the guts all the time. I seriously wanted to end it all at one stage. I had no energy and was virtually housebound for three months.

But it fixed my problem and once I was weaned off it, got back to normal in another month.

My Son had it after an accident while in the Army, and it knocked him around as well. Reckon we need to give Franga some time to heal in many ways.


Whatever he makes of his career I hope he gets mentally healthy and happy in his life.


You are a poor human being. I feel sorry for you and the fact you support Essendon.

Mental health is not a joke and you are a reason why people who experience these issues struggle to move forward.


If you’re referring to Oliver he went pick 3 or 4 so yeah, nah.


So it’s not their job?


He is still in Melbourne at the moment.


Well a lot of people are calling Melbourne the new Adelaide*

*nobody says that


It’s their job mate, but even more so because it’s their job that if there are outside influences affecting the persons ability to do their job satisfactorily then you should be able to take time away and get better.

Right now, who cares if he makes it as a footballer, he will go on to do other things and be great at it I’m sure of it. He just needs to get himself better and focus on getting his mental health in sound check.


Had a conversation and i support Aaron 100%. Players do to. Staying in Melbourne and its not home sickness. Something far deeper and I just want the kid to be ok. Bigger than footy


I’m with you on this one. Pepole are soft as butter these days.


Jeez, I just read this and nearly flipped. I have had 2 cortizone injections late last year for lower back issue. I’ve put on weight, stomach usually not too great, bad pain in feet and I’m having councelling for depression and lack of desire to do anything but stay home and lie down and avoid most interactions with friends.

I had no idea.

Best of luck to Aaron if this is the case.


Ok, I have a plan. I’ll hire a big truck, pick up his parents and mates with their furniture, drive them down to tallamarine and set them up in the Hanger. This is just a short term plan 10-15 years, until Aaron’s amazing career is finished. After that, they can all move in with me… my kids will be old enough by then to move into the Hanger to play for the dons.


Or maybe mental illness isn’t just swept under the carpet anymore. You know 1 in 4. We all know of someone who’s gone through metal illness or have ourselves. It’s life.

Sure there’s soft out there and too much PC l, but then there’s you’re judging and you look like a compassionless [email protected] tool bag champ. That’s what I’m seeing here.




Whats wrong with calling a cooked player, cooked, a player who isnt cut out for AFL, not cut out for AFL, an pathetic lack of investigation, pathetic, a wasted pick, wasted?

Legit none of them are berating Aaron for his potential mental illness. Anger is directed at the club, and the rest is basically expression of fact if Franga doesnt carve out a career for himself.


what is this “pathetic investigation” crap? You have no idea what investigations the club did before drafting him. Just because things haven’t turned out well so far, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with issues that were known or could have been known back then.


ok ignore that if it makes you feel better, but i reckon this could have been picked up on