#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


@Klawdy can I borrow your tools?


Hahaha. When I was an apprentice I once got called lightning when I was hammering because I never struck the same place twice.


Do you have inside access to the club? If you don’t you’re making ■■■■ up. Times change mate, people change with them, you can be hard as nails in the body but fold like a flower in a breeze if the right combination of events occur. Are blokes just trying to prove they’re tough guys in this thread?


Oh you really have nfi


Can you retract everything you’ve said about wooshdaddy?


Nice use of the tar brush, I can do that too.

Most of us wouldn’t have been bagging players or Buddy, in my experience it’s the same olds (where is he btw?), just like it’s the same guys who like to call players soft are negative with view points etc. There also the same guys who defend players and have rosey glasses on all the time. Similarly the same guys who just read or like. Big [email protected] deal.

None of the above excuses anyone from ragging on someone with MH issues, in fact it only makes it worse. Have some ■■■■■■ empathy.

It’s not his fault or EFC fault. Some things are complivated and more than the sum total of family history, genetics, support groups, family, friend, ethnicity - the list goes on and on. Who cares? I hope he gets himself right.


I don’t profess to have inside information from the club. Plenty of people who do have access have pointed out he wasn’t putting in.
The Mental Health side of things I’m not going near because I’ve got mates touched by it.
Lastly, it is ok to express your view. This is a forum. People have differing opinions. You don’t need to confuse physical with mental because it fits your narrative.


Alright, then when you say people are soft as butter these days are you talking about mentally or physically? Because on the one hand Aaron can’t help injuries, and on the other, well, you know because you’ve had mates touched by it.


Educate me then.


Classic off-season Blitz…

PS. Good luck Big Red


But you cannot seperate the physical from the mental if the person has these mental health issues. It does and will affect your motivation and approach to life in general. Let alone something as challenging as being an elite athlete.


Indeed it does, very strongly.


Mental health confuses me because it is so difficult to see or determine what is real vs what is not.

I feel the same way about back or neck issues.

I have a deep level of disgust for people who fake these things. My cynicism does affect my ability to respond appropriately.


You can’t be that stupid surely?


…that’s not a thing.


Assume I am. Go on.


More like “The Phantom Menace”. amirite?

But seriously, hope the kid gets all the help and support he needs.


I guess the point I missed is he went home for Mental issues. I did not even think about the mental side when referring to him as soft as butter. Plenty of this thread is devoted to Aaron not coming back from breaks in good nick and not following team directives on self training and diet.


I’m gonna fill this thread full of uppercuts in a minute.


You have to take it from the club statement which ended with If you or somebody you know requires help, please contact the following services: Beyond Blue , Lifeline … , that the issue here is mental health/ depression.

And yes players can be soft or not willing to apply themselves to the level they should, not because of mental health problems but because:
They can’t be bothered / lazy.
They are less driven.
They do not like the level of discomfort/pain that comes from running hard hard or lifting weights over and over again.
They lack the discipline.
They are immature.

While these things have also got to do with the way your brain is wired (and we are all on a spectrum and wired a particular way), it’s different to what we are talking about with Francis.