#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”


Got it. I’ve just seen the story on the AFL website. Gives us a hell of a lot more information than we had from yesterday’s piece rolled together with the Laverde news.


This would have seemed a lot more impressive had I not met you a few days ago…


Missed your chance, kid.


Shut the thread down. The kid is clearly going through some serious problems and right now footy is a non issue. Sounds like the club is doing all they can to support him. The discussion and guessing around his health can’t be helping. Leave the kid alone.


I thought you would have had a beret and a moustache?


What was it like hip and shouldering the Titanic?


Damn, we could have had Curnow!

Get well soon Francis, so maybe you can play 50 games one day.


I was pleasantly surprised at how supportive the general public’s Facebook comments were on the club’s post about Aaron.


Appreciate the feedback he is such a talent and I love watching him play. I just hope he gets happy and healthy and can fulfil that talent


Thank god for this thread, we’ve all been far too nice to each other in the off-season so we really needed an injection of eating our own, abuse and puns to get us through.


Nah, still impressive for mine…


Indeed. Perhaps more so, come to think of it.


You see… :slight_smile:


Very impressed by what Woosha had to say, very glad that Aaron’s wellbeing is the primary consideration.


I’d be lying if I said I knew what a cortisone injection was beforehand too.


I’ve had 5 or 6 corrisone shots, from 40 to 30 years ago. Never any side effects for me.


Injury plagued, still not AFL fit, homesick, possible mental health issues - the odds are well and truly against him forging a successful AFL career.
No-one should expect much, if anything, from Francis in 2018.


As a club, we have been fairly lucky with the mental health of players needing time away from football(which we are publicly aware of). From memory this is the first time a player has asked for time away because of mental health issues.

It’s seriously laughable reading comments from people making outlandish statements about someone’s ability to work & train effectively with mental illness. Scientific evidence will confirm that Mental illness effects physical wellbeing, and physical wellbeing effects mental wellness. It’s a cycle.

I don’t think its appropriate to be talking about list management issues right here, right now.


Rather than closing the thread, can we stop discussing all the horriblemental health stuff and just recommence harmlessly making fun of his gingerness?


It can also turn around very quickly. He could be back in a few weeks. No one knows. And there shouldn’t be any expectations on returns.