#10 Aaron Francis - “Hurley, except he’s a better mark”



Sorry, just being a bit cheeky.


If being home makes him happier and Aaron is able to get on with AFL life then I hope we do any sort of trade to get him to Port or Adelaide and he is then able to fulfil his talents.

We wouldn’t get much for him, but if it makes him happy then so be it.


No, you shut up…


Adelaide and Port are not home. I doubt it would make any difference


I know, and I’ve said the same argument.

But having thought about it, a lot of his mates would now be in Adelaide, whether it be doing Uni or working in Adelaide.

I’d say it would make a little difference, and sometimes that’s all that is needed.


Perhaps, Just as many may have ventured to Melbourne its hard to say I guess. I have really high hopes for the kid. All that really matters for now is his health.


Yeah i know a lot of depressed dudes who just love being made fun of for how they look.


Lol. Coming from you? B/tch please


Guessing that 94 is year of birth


It certainly isn’t iq.


It could very well be his IQ… 94 ain’t that high!


After the news I avoided blitz and this thread for 24 hours. I am a fool. Should have waited till Round 12


just the tone deaf description of it as ‘harmless’ made me choke on my drink.


When is this thread gonna close @Riolio

Currently the farktardness is far exceeding the grace some good people like @jonovdp @Aceman @Benny40 @Bomb_Doe @bloodychoir and others are showing.

Get well Aaron. You seem a good person with bad luck and I hope good things happen for you here on in.


Reading Blitz without an ignore button is like swimming in an otherwise reasonably clean pool with 4.&1/2 turds floating around at various depths…


Love a good brown nosing post.


As a ginger with mental illness, I’m so friggin triggered right now… Well I would be, if I had a soul.


Debateable. Alot are saying ‘see essendon should have traded him look what theyve done to him’
Yet i put the question back to them - ‘if it was home sickness then why would he be staying in melbourne for his personal leave?’ That shuts them right up and makes them think twice about how deep this really is for poor franga.


what happened to the other half?


People are fu*ked