#10 Aaron Francis - sooner rather than later



Wantaway :grimacing:


its the new “much maligned”.


Bringing home great learnings…


Why would Hooker change his name to Francis?


15 games next year. You watch.


Has anyone ever seen Aaron Francis and Ben Stokes in the same room.


It’s a very addicting flavour of ice cream.


Oooh, speaking of ice cream - the guy at the Timboon Ice Creamery makes an ice cream the flavour of the old Big Boss Cigar lollies (although they’re not allowed to call them Cigars anymore). Mind-blowing.


You haven’t lived until you’ve tried soursop gelato from the Cape Tribulation ice creamery.

Bring cash tho. They don’t take cards.



Essendon is confident it can get the best out of top draft pick Aaron Francis despite the defender failing in his bid to be traded back to South Australia.

The 20-year-old has played only five games for the Bombers since joining them as their prized pick No.6 selection at the 2015 NAB AFL Draft.

Despite showing flashes of his talent in those games, Francis has struggled to reach the required fitness level to string together senior appearances and has also had injury concerns in his time at the club.

Last month he requested a trade back to one of the South Australian clubs to be closer to his family, but no deal was reached due to limited interest from the Crows and Port Adelaide.

Essendon coach John Worsfold said the Bombers welcomed Francis back into the fold after no trade went through and they believed he could still develop into a quality player.

“I said, ‘[We’re] rapt to still have you here, we’re pumped and want to help you be the best player you can be’ and he was really excited,” Worsfold said this week.

"Maybe at the start of trade period he felt moving back to SA was going to be best for his footy.

“I said to him we understand all of that, we were supportive of it, we’d spoken to him leading into it that if it happens it happens, and if not we’ll see how you go, and he was more than comfortable and excited with coming back.”

Francis was drafted to the Bombers as an intercepting defender who starred as a junior with his marking and powerful kicking. He has also been tried as a forward option for the Bombers at VFL level.


The glow of Francis’ hair has made all the tops look hyper red


Thought the same thing when I saw a picture of Stokes in the paper today . First thought was ," cool a Francis article" .


I don’t think he was especially good at the end of the VFL season.


The other 8 weeks playing AFL or on the sidelines?


I think he means if he can turn those good 5 minutes from each week into a good 120 minutes


lets just hope for incremental improvement.
If he can be pushing for a first 22 by the end of the season, I would call that mission accomplished.
Anything more is just a hopeful pipedream. IMO


I’m hoping he can play about 10 games. I think that’s a realistic aim.


Was there Saturday…unfreaking believable
Best icecream ever


Francis’s aim and expectation should be AFL round 1 - he made good progress with his fitness in 2017 and appears to be fitter for 2018 - His increased fitness should allow him to play at the AFL level.