#10 Aaron Francis - sooner rather than later


Anyone know how Aaron went in the time trial?


Hope he gets a fair go at it first part of season. Just reckon he needs a crack and his confidence will surge. Lid fully sky high


Nearly done


I don’t think he ran it at all. Doesn’t appear in each of the groups.

May be carrying niggle as left track early in a previous training session.


Thanks… Pity he didn’t do the trial, it would have been interesting to see how he went.


Thank god he didn’t do the time trial … not sure blitz would cope either way


l for one, would like to have known his time.


Art of Gelato Michelango Gelateria (unfortunately in sydney)… shocking name, but the ice cream is otherworldly


Time to bump this thread and get the Sir Francis talk back in its own thread, and leave The Langford thread to itself.

A couple of weeks ago, l posed the question, how many games do people expect Sir Francis to play next season, and what would constitute a decent pass grade.

Today, there is another question to be put. Barring injuries how long will it take Sir Francis to force his way into the team. l think it will take him until R5.


Would be hesitant to put a game target on his head but would really like to see him play a handful of really good games.

Next season for mine is about him realising he has what it takes and from the following season we will start to see the whole package.

Time is still very much in his favour.


His currency is going to rise faster than bitcoin.

Get around him :smile:


If he’s as fit as he should be and as good as he’s cracked up to be, then barring injury he should play 20 plus finals.


Let’s hope he doesn’t crash.


I was worried about him inflating too much after all the weight he lost in the off season.


10 games would be a good result


I don’t think I’ve ever seen him stationed at HF other than setting up at a stoppage - and that is okly rarely (with Howlett Watson Goddard & even Hocking preferred as the bigger guys at forward half stoppages).
He’s our least flexible midfielder.


CHB. He will do the job on the opposition monster forwards (Hawkins etc)whilst Paddy shuts down the big running forwards (Reiwoldt etc). Horses for courses.


Likely why Hurley has slimmed down. Maybe playing the role Kelly played over the past few years whilst Francis takes over Hurley’s role.


I might be alone in thinking Hurleys slimming down as a good thing.

His biggest strength has always been bringing the ball to ground and then going to work on bigger opponents who aren’t as nimble. Key backs have been going that way for quite a while (Fletch, Scarlett, Rance, Gibson, etc.).

The added bonus will be that it should help in reducing injury as well as extend his career.

Intercepting is where the game is and it’s only going to become more so. It’s why Gleeson and Hartley were given tough love this year and challenged to work on that part of their games.


Hurley is probably just getting bikini ready for summer.