#10 Aaron Francis - sooner rather than later


With a good injury free pre-season and solid form in the warm up games. Round 1 should be his aim.


Let’s be honest, if he isn’t in the team round one, he is behind where we want him to be.


I want him to win the rising star and Brownlow but in reality he’ll hopefully spend half the year in the seniors


I don’t think so

3rd year kpp who yes was a high draft pick but under unique circumstances given the strength of our side.

He’s what 20? I’d suggest if not established by 23 there would be issue but not right now

If he’d been drafted by a club genuinely at bottom of ladder and rebuilding then would be playing more


Define honest. Your definition is your own. Mine is different to yours. l am wary of anyone who starts a sentence like that.


Short memory. In Francis’s first year we finished dead motherless last with a bunch of ring ins.


How many top 6 drafted players have played 10 games or less senior games in their first 2 seasons of footy?

Jarrod Pickett by GWS at pick 4 2014 - 0 games
Caleb Marchbank by GWS at pick 6 - 7 games
Matthew Scharenberg by Coll at pick 6 2013 - 4 games
Jon O’Rourke by GWS at pick 2 2013 - 9 games
Matthew Buntine by GWS at pick 5 2011 - 9 games
Jon Patton by GWS at pick 1 2011 - 10 games
Scott Gumbleton by Ess at pick 2 2006 - 5 games
Mitch Thorp by Hawthorn at pick 6 2006 - 2 games

Hopefully, he earns his games and becomes a decent player for us.


Red Red Ready.



Pick 6 curse


Hartley hasn’t played a good game since his nose got split.


You’re wary of me because I said ‘let’s be honest’?

Honest - Being sincere & truthful

He has more natural ability than the majority on our list. 3 years in the system, high end talent, surely it’s not unreasonable to expect him to being playing in the seniors in round 1.


The guy was playing with enormous courage in the weeks after the nose got splattered across his face. Think he’s more a confidence player and is just a bit down. His natural game is more punching than intercepting, seems to struggle with the change.


Spot on. And the same goes for the two Ls.


Bring em in.

Bring em allllllllllllllllllllllllll in.


Not wary of you, l know nothing about you. Wary of the comment, let’s be honest. there is a big difference.


Can anyone shed any light on what the nature of his injury is?


I heard they’re replacing his legs because his current ones are too big for AFL level running


I heard a whisper that Franga is really pisssed at the silly nicknames we give him and all the infantile in-out jokes. Either we agree to refer to him as Arrow Frankfurter The Big Red Member or he will continue to sit out the preseason.


So Franga pulls out? Seems a bit unnecessary to me.