#10 Aaron Francis - sooner rather than later


Must be an idiot


He gave me the impression of cgates dad.


Truth hurts doesn’t it?


I’m not liking all the Curnow hype. He looks ripped.

Come on franga, vindicate our selection!


Hasn’t been a good start for Francis but worth comparing him against the other first round kpp/3rd tall types from his draft year.

2015 national draft


  1. Carlton Jacob Weithering, 17, Mount Eliza Football Club, defender, 194cm, 94kg - 42 games
  1. Brisbane Lions Josh Schache, 18, Murray Bushrangers, forward, 198cm, 100kg - 27 games
  1. Essendon Aaron Francis, 18, West Adelaide (SA), defender, 193cm, 92kg - 5 games
  1. Melbourne Sam Weideman, 18, Eastern Ranges, forward, 195cm, 94kg - 2 games
  1. Carlton Harry McKay, 17, Gippsland Power, forward/ruckman, 200cm, 94kg - 2 games

  1. Carlton Charlie Curnow - 27 games
  1. Brisbane Lions Eric Hipwood - 30 games
  1. GWS Harry Himmelberg - 16 games
  1. Adelaide Tom Doedee - 0 games
  1. Hawthorn Ryan Burton - 24 games
  1. North Melbourne Ben McKay - 1 game

He clearly hasn’t jumped out of the blocks like some, but against others who simply aren’t physically ready for it yet (as is the case for him) or been unable to get opportunity he has played much the same so it’s no need for panic.

The McKays & Weidemann (who also had draft year injury woes) also haven’t played much. Doedee is on zero games but had a dominant SANFL year and will likely take Levers vacated spot.

I still don’t expect Francis to be genuinely ready to contribute until 2019 onwards. There is just no way he pushes ahead of Ambrose or Gleeson yet, nor even considered like for like with Hartley.

Seemingly got his mindset right but now needs to get his body right, and based on preseason so far already having niggles and injury issues that’s a definite work in progress.

Just going to have to be patient … he is just a kid. Plenty of time still. Whilst it would be great it really is no big deal if he isn’t playing senior footy just yet.

He’d want to get it done himself quickly though as there will always be others competing for your spot. Ridley being one who was flying but grounded now.


This has to be close as a late contender for POTY! Just behind some of Bob’s better work.

In trying to control my laughter, i seriously just snorted my morning coffee all over the kids at the breakfast table. The missus was not happy.


Just got reminded I set this up in March http://itsalmo.st/#BloodStainedDevilsSaidFrancisWillBeUpToSpeed
86 days to go


Lol. Love it.

Don’t let me down Big fella …


Hope he doesn’t come back after xmas in poor shape again.


Leaked footage from the club doesn’t look promising.



What’s the go with Aaron? Injurred or not fit enough to join the main training group?


Mckay at north also has some issues regarding his mental state. Hope he is doing well now.


Being coached by Brad Scott would be enough to give anyone mental issues.


As much as I want him to succeed it honestly looks grim. Basically done nothing so far this ore season and if anyone needed a full pre season, it’s him


Nothing is a bit harsh, he definitely looks fitter and has dropped a heap of weight.


If we can’t make defeatist proclamations based on a pessimistic interpretation of a tiny sample of second hand information, then why even have this forum?


so true,

that fat lazy ranger who has no hamstrings left is cooked!



losing weight (and therefore looking fitter) is seriously the easiest thing to do with a bit of self control.

It’s great that he’s looking fit, but means fark all if he cant get on the park/ doesnt build intensity in his training.


…that 70% of Australia cannot seem to manage.


goes to how how poor self control we have