#10 Aaron Francis - sooner rather than later


Reckon he’s the AFLX player we’ve been screaming for.


List of Animals so harsh as to eat their own.



Chickens eat other chickens?


Yep, and then they go “Mmmm, tastes like me”.


So is he injurred? Why hasn’t he trained properly for the last month?


@scooter are you able to give us any insights into Francis. Really want to see him succeed. His ability is amazing I’m just concerned about body holding up and his mental state from the sounds of things??


After all the wheeling and dealing for St Kilda’s pick 5 it would be a shame if the pick 5/6 combo only amounted to 1 player. Win some / lose some I guess.


Seemingly being kept from significant training loads would indicate perhaps some OP or other type injury (e.g. knee tendinitis/hamstring tightness) where just managing him carefully.

So prevented/can’t go at full capacity as a result

Would be dissapointing for all if can’t increase aerobic capacity in regards to running given unable to push himself to do so.

Francis hype train diverted to 2019


I don’t want to be negative but something right must start to happen with this red nut or else he will become another wasted draft pick


Would much rather Francis be held back if he has a niggle or soreness than push him and cause a proper injury. Seems in better condition physically so I don’t think it is panic stations just yet.


Francis would be more frustrated than anybody at not being able to do the required work.

He must feel the walls closing in but I’m sure Crow is holding him back with good reason.

It’s not panic stations just yet.


Next Stop - Panic Station.


Mate the panic train left weeks ago!


Surely nobody is panicking? This outcome was almost inevitable.


I spent all my Francis panic dollars last year.

I’d just be happy if he ever plays senior footy again at this stage.


I must have missed the inevitable outcome consensus. What is it?


Player struggles to get out on the park in year one and two, and gosh, he’s having trouble in year 3.
Nobody could be surprised.
The only surprising thing is the wildly optimistic outcomes that people in this thread have.


So what’s the inevitable outcome?


Yep i agree.

I’ve said all along if he plays 10 games this year in the 1’s it’s a massive win. But i don’t expect that to happen.

The thing that worries me is the reports that seem to indicate he’s dropped his head. That has come from multiple different training watchers.
It’s hard to see how he’ll ever have a decent career when he seems to struggle so much with any setback, even possibly minor ones


It’s realistic. If I had to hedge a bet right now I’d say he doesn’t look like carving out a good AFL career. Hope I’m wrong, desperately hope I’m wrong. But He’s unfit, he’s constantly injured, doesn’t have a good work ethic, homesick, and from all reports, mopes around looking disinterested at training. Multiple posters have said words to that effect, so I doubt multiple people are wrong. To me, that puts the odds against him

For mine, it’s going to take a pretty big turn around here. Hope he proves me wrong, I really do