#10 Aaron Francis - sooner rather than later


I really hopes he makes it.
But it think the odds are against it.
I hope he proves me wrong too.


I’m a bit the same he’s a bust right now.


Will probably request for a trade again.

Damm could have had Jacob Hopper.



What makes me laugh is people readily admit they believe he’s a bust yet still get upset when somebody mentions in a training report he looked upset.


I didn’t think the club showed any real desperation to suggest that they wanted him to stay after he requested a trade. I know bugger all of course but I say he’s a goner. Not to Crows or Port, more like oblivion


I ■■■■■■ hope he proves me wrong but the kid is in his 3rd year and still cant get on the park cant blame people for thinking he’s a bust right now.


I have no issue with people believing he’s a bust.

I just can’t understand why they get upset about it.


I don’t readily admit he’s a bust. I think the odds are against him. Big difference, that’s not to say he can’t, or won’t become something special and I’m sure you can see that. I’m just of the opinion it’s fairly against him. But some people will take that as I hate franga, panicking, negative etc. I think what I said is a pretty fair and reasonable assessment as things stand right now


Can you give the panic merchants a little more of this to help them sleep or is the big fella genuinely cooked ?


I have no problem with people thinking he’s a bust. Like you say the odds are against him.

Having said that I still believe he can be a player.

I just don’t get the continued fascination with players like Langford and Francis when the reality is if they turn into good players it’s a bonus.

So many believe Francis is a bust but then go and get upset at a training report. Makes little sense to me.


I think he is going to be fine he’s just working things out.

Shows great determination in the VFL and is physically uncompromising in his contest for the ball.

Like LaVerde he’s had injuries that have hampered his progress, that happens sometimes.

My guess is that Crow will bring him to an acceptable level of fitness by season’s start.


Still a young bloke, hardly gumby-ied yet. Hope he gets himself right, even if it’s just a few games at the back end with a tilt at 2019.

Yeah we have every right to be moaning our Curnows, but I’m not sure its all over red rover. 9 months to go blitzers.


I’m not sure how Curnow comes into it to be honest.

He was considered top 5 on talent but went and got arrested a week before the draft for drink driving or some stupid thing.

That’s always going to make you slide.

The other KPP were weideman and McKay. Hardly stars.


Big Red will be fine

He is being managed and treating himself right to be right for the season ahead.

Got his struggles but will work through these, will 5-10 games and then play in VFL Grand Final kicking 4 second half goals to secure a victory

Plenty of room in the Big Red Bus, looks like everyone got off at Richmond station


I thought you were Langford’s biggest fan?


People forget he played the Anzac Day game last year and we won convincingly. He’s now fitter and stronger. Our team will be stronger this year. If Francis can’t make the team this year it means that we are a better team.


He isn’t a natural trainer, battling niggles, personal mental challenges and running low on confidence.

Pro sports require pros. It’s a bit early for me to write him off now. I’ll give him to round four or five to show me if he will make it.

If he can get to 75% of his capacity and show the coaches on the training track and VFL give him a run of 5 + games in the 1s.

We may find that his issues are just too insumountable for him to play AFL at the highest level, but we don’t know that yet.

He deserves the opportunity to show us what he has and we deserve to know.

Give the guy a go and let him find his inner professional footballer.



I’m still optimistic. He probably won’t play round one but when he has the opportunity to play VFL he’ll monster it and start demanding a spot.

Keep the faith.


Hopper…meh poor mans Josh Kelly.

(say this now since we missed out…)