#10 Aaron Francis - sooner rather than later


I’m talking about the constant criticism even when not playing. Not all players develop at the same rate yet apparently if they aren’t a star by the time they are 21 then they aren’t going to make it.

Our list is in incredible shape at the moment so I think we can afford to have a few players developing at a slower rate.


Luke Ball’s project number 1


Oh Boy ! This thread is like the diary of some manic depressive. All queuing up to predict his demise.

Lets change focus. Everyone should be “burning up the track” at this time of year. But look at Hooker. Massively modified program. Virtually cannot run with 6 weeks to go Will be massively under done at round 1


Agreed, madness in here.



Every single player out there is on an individualised program, he’s probably on light work for two weeks to lower the chance of injury. What an overreaction on here.


Yeah I’m not worried at all. Has proven to me there’s a good footballer in there somewhere so should eventually come good. Remember how long it took Dempsey to get his body right?

One step back, two steps forwards…he’ll get there.


Yep, got the talent. He’s potentially Essendon’s version of Roughead. It’s taking time but he’s got the best possible resources to help him achieve what everyone wants. He’s only 20 so he’s got time on his side. Ha! In a couple of years time supporters will wonder what all the fuss was about! :crossed_fingers:


Remember when we panicked because belcho was never playing during 2 sessions a week the whole of last pre season then it turned out that was his days off?


I suppose the issue is…

YES - we know he has loads of potential and we know he will take time… and we have a list that will allow him the time he needs to be a great player.

BUT - He isn’t as patient as the club knows he needs to be, to enable him to develop his skills and body.

THEN - Throw in the probable scenario that the likes of Adelaide and Port are telling him that he will be in their starting 22 with more opportunity so he should go home to them.

Unfortunately, I think that unless he stays injury free and the coaches play him in the seniors most weeks, he will ask to leave and we will be forced to trade him, knowing that he will be a star for someone else.


That’s a lot of baseless speculation for one post


On current output he isn’t in the starting 22 of Crows, Port or us.

Crows and Port had an ideal opportunity just 2 months ago to get him and neither showed any interest at all.


Neither team wanted him. He’s our problem and he’s a good one to have. “Welcome to the house of fun, now I’ve come of age…:scream::flushed::grimacing:


I think it’s a little bit concerning that there were one or two posts a few days ago asking @CJohns if he had a comment on Francis and CJ has since posted in other threads, but not this one.


Roughead had played 36 gams heading into his 3rd season.

He also kicked 40 goals in his 3rd season.

He isn’t our Roughead.


Sad to say but the deafening silence is concerning. He can do things very few other players can do. The mental and body issues are the problem.


Needs a cuddle… My small commitment is to bark out some words of encouragement at training. Pump his tyres up a bit. Beyond that I want
him training with the midfield group… Put the spotlight on him to become elite, supported by a whole lot of encouragement. It’s interesting isn’t it what an AFL environment does to some people? Francis was both dominant and super confident as a junior. I remember seeing an interview where he said that he felt as though he could dominate games… How we do get that confidence and commitment back? I see his potential as similar to McGovern from WC, albeit Francis is a far better kick and more explosive…


With another ‘interrupted’ preseason, best to just play him through the VFL until he builds enough of a fitness base to run out games consistently across a month of footy.
If that means we only get 5 senior games towards the end of the season, so be it.
Next preseason, it’s no more excuses from him. Must get through the preseason with minimal setbacks. He has time on his side, but it is concerning that his first two / three years are spent building a fitness base rather than developing him in a set position to transition to AFL footy.
For such a high pick, you expect he’d be developing in the AFL by his third season, not developing in the VFL.


Never had him on the park so its not like we’ll miss him again this season anyway.


He has played a handful of AFL games (5) and actually played quite well . Fitness was a big issue in his first year and up to half way through his second year. But fitness is less of a problem now compared to injury and frustration. IMO his own frustration and disappointment at not getting AFL games is his worst problem. Jeez, he may even be trying too hard.