#10 Aaron Francis - sooner rather than later


5 games? Like I said, never had him on the park


If we ever get pick 6 again, I hope we trade it for pick 26.


Haha. Pesky facts.

Don’t worry, he’ll have a good training session next week and then the completely mindless comparisons to Luke Hodge (or some other superstar) will once again flow freely.


Francis so far today is in full training drills


Whoa… full lid off!!!

Big Red will monster it this year.


He is back! Lid off!!


Back to the best 22 thread!


This train runs express - Stopping no stations!


The new Luke Hodge…


My mate went today said he saw him in a modified group, and did not play in match practice?


Lid back on… everybody off.


This sort of good news is not welcome in this thread. Please cease and desist


Yes started with main group and as soon as I updated site he heads to modified group…lol


Don’t say anything from now on otherwise you’ll jinx him!


Jinx him from what, the modified group to the hospital?


Dunno, let’s hope we don’t find out.


Is eating nuggies errrry day actually “treating himself right”?

132kg last time I heard.


Getting emotionally invested in the career of Aaron Francis is exhausting work.

What a roller-coaster.


I think it’s an interesting turn for Blitz hive logic to turn around on Disco picking the natural footy talent over the vanilla captain material beep test guy: given Blitz hive logic has been screaming for him to do just that for 5 years, maybe 10.

Some guys just don’t click to everything in the first year or two.
Some of them work it out.
Some don’t.

I still have faith. He can play.
Just need to dot some I’s and cross some T’s.


It’s an unregulated market in its infancy.