#10 Aaron Francis - sooner rather than later


Francis reminds me of the dot.com boom.


I would like to see him play at least half a dozen games this year just for his confidence. If he doesn’t I fear he may go.

He’s got a bucketload of talent and I think he will be worth the patience.

I’m not that concerned with his preseason just yet. Crow is very professional and will being very conservative with him.

He’s trimmed down which is a start. Now just to gradually build up the fitness.

I feel he can be that perfect compliment to Hurley across the backline when he’s up and going.


He looks rippled after slimming down. Hopefully he can show a bit of dash and is on the verge of a stellar season.


A bit lite on for puns, still classic.


Turn him loose in beast mode in AFLX.

Should be perfectly suited to the 20 20 version of AFL.

Maybe AFLX could be exciting after all.


Doesn’t strike me as the type of player that is going to build confidence in the vfl, as soon as he gets his body right he should be straight into the seniors.


He reminds me of the mining boom.
Specifically, Clive Palmer.


More like Kim Dotcom


That’s just mean.


RED Coin …




Whens muh bubble gonna burst?


Raspberry rippled?


AFL website today:

Young forward Aaron Francis had a slight setback after developing soreness in his hip flexor, more specifically the psoas bursa in his hip.

“That usually responds well to cortisone and rest so we’ll see him back running if not Friday, on Monday and we’ll take a slow and steady approach to make sure we get that right,” Crow said.


Wife had this. It’s a pr!ck to get over, much like tennis elbow (which I suffered for nearly 2 years with). It’s one of those ones that can linger and linger and suddenly one day you don’t notice it anymore. Rest is generally the way to fix it, something the menace can’t afford to have.

A cortisone needle works but has to be pin point perfect in hitting the bursa. A millimetre off and it’ll flare up within days. Get the needle right, after a day of soreness, it’s like new. However it may reappear months down the track. I’m pretty sure it stems from a combo over overuse and bad technique, generally with those whom aren’t used to heavy training and push too hard.




Makes sense then… first really big preseason for him




O.m.g, I sia what you did there. Having a lend at big redds expense. All in fun hey