10 Favourite Albums Ever - IN ORDER


Thanks @mrjez!


There is no such album as Led Zeppelin IV.

I know…I’m a pain in the ■■■■.


Cold Blood … Cold Blood
Cristo Redentor …Harvey Mandel
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere …Neil Young
Cricklewood Green …Ten Years After
Abraxas …Santana
Yard Movement …Monty Alexander
Bridge Over Troubled Water …Simon and Garfunkel
L A Woman …The Doors
Kiln House …Fleetwood Mac
Band of Gypsys … Jimi Hendrix ,Billy Cox ,Buddy Miles.


Appetite for destruction / GNR
the soft parade / the Doors
Highway to hell / ac/dc
The Wall/Pink Floyd
Nick Cave / the bostmens call
David Bowie / The rose and fall of Ziggy stardust
Iggy Pop / lust for life
Nirvana / Nevermind
Credence Clearwater Revival / Cosmos Factory
LED Zepplin /Led Zepplin II
Pearl Jam / Vrs


Obviously love the number 1 pick. Gone with it as your name. Will go and take a listen.


No such album as The White Album, either.


Or the black albumn


Well there are a few Black albums - Prince, for one, but yeah, not the one you mean.


Are there any other bands with two or more albums of the same name apart from Led Zeppelin?
If I wasn’t such a lazy fark I would research it. I’m thinking,yeah probably.


Chicago were well known for this


Research done!



I don’t like sticking to rules, so stfu.

10 - The Doors
09 - Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
09 - Pet Sounds
07 - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
07 - Machine Head
06 - Abbey Road
05 - A Night at the Opera
05 - Duke
04 - Crime of the Century / Crisis? What Crises?
02 - Hunky Dory
01 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

This could all change tomorrow.


Oh…damnit. Chicago self titled albums were numbered.

Back to the drawing board. Zeppelin still winning with two albums of the same name.


If only Peter Gabriel was a band.




Peter Gabriel’s first four albums were self-titled with no numbering.
Weezer has had four self-titled albums (known as The Blue, Green, Red and White albums).


Apparently a “Black” Weezer coming too.


Do you mean Wish You Were Here?


Blitz delivers.


Sometimes all at the same time.