#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT

That’s outrageous.
If any ‘supporter’ hopes that one of our players fails, then they aren’t a supporter.
People may have a view that he might not make it for reason x,y,z but that is a far cry from actually hoping he doesn’t.

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Completely disagree.
People get so invested in proving they are right, that they celebrate when players fail. It happens in a lot of sports, no more so in the EPL.

You just need to go back and have a look at the people that were celebrating when Francis’ manager announced that he wanted a trade, many people in this forum were celebrating because they wanted him gone.

What on earth are you on about?


Excellent post and could not agree more.


What I don’t get is why all you do gooders think he should stay at Essendon , he has asked to be traded home . Let him go , for god sake , its footy , he is a kid . Its obvious he is not happy . Time to move on.

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[quote=“jonovdp, post:4872, topic:2931, full:true”] You just need to go back and have a look at the people that were celebrating when Francis’ manager announced that he wanted a trade, many people in this forum were celebrating because they wanted him gone.

So because people were happy he’d be up for a trade they wanted him to fail? Ridiculous.

As much as we’d like him to reach his obvious potential, there are many who think that he wont. If we wait too long to find that out, he’ll be worth nothing. May have done so already. If we can trade him before its too late, we may get something for him.

Obviously since he’s contracted, he needs to agree to move. I was hoping we might get something for him that the bulldogs would accept for Stringer instead of pick 11.

I’d prefer some of the options that should be available at that pick than Francis at this point. But would be very happy to be proven wrong, if he stays. Which I hope he does if we’re going to get nothing for him already anyway.

Some people need to accept he just might not make it. It’s not like just waiting for the right set of tires to arrive and he’ll be good.

As I said before. Which has been reiterated above. If it was Waylen Manson and someone offered us pick 40 people would be going crazy about staying the course and backing him in. AF is more talented than WM and we’d get better than pick 40 AND we have more chance to successfully stay the course and realise his potential. And people are prepared to cash in. Incredible.


Well yeah, it depends how much more than pick 40 we’d get. For example, would you cash in if we were offered pick 1? How about pick 6? Pick 11? 16?

Numpty wants us to get Rockliff and Miles then whinges about Francis cos of his running.

MAkes sense.

Very very short attention spans

Realistically if a KP (of any size, either end, any fitness level) plays 5 odd games first year they’re doing OK.
He is behind somewhat on where youd expect a second year to be at - but not by miles, and (given his injury issues as an U18 plus family shit recently) not unexpectedly so.
He shows heaps of talent. Heaps. Very very smart, he’s hard and determined, good hands, good kick, great size, dangerous when the ball hits the deck.

I could stand losing him, for the right deal, but I wouldn’t like it.


We also knew he was behind when it came to fitness so you could argue that he’s where you’d expect him to be. Also keep in mind we had several players return so senior exposure was always going to be tough.

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ESSENDON will facilitate a trade to send former No.6 pick Aaron Francis back home to South Australia but only if a suitable deal arises.

The Herald Sun reported on Friday Francis has requested a trade back to his home state but there is yet to be significant interest from either Adelaide or Port Adelaide.

The 20-year-old is contracted to Essendon until the end of 2019.

The Bombers are currently working through deals for Bulldog Jake Stringer, Sun Adam Saad and Giant Devon Smith so any trade involving Francis is likely to wait until the second week of the trade period.

The Power - Steve Motlop, Jack Watts and Jarman Impey - and Crows - Motlop and Jake Lever - are also involved in bigger trades at this stage.

If Port Adelaide misses out on Demon Watts, the club could turn its attention to Francis who can fill a forward role, while also having the ability to play in defence.

Essendon football boss Rob Kerr said the Bombers are open to doing a deal on Francis who is believed to be homesick.

“He is interested in a move back home but he’s obviously contracted and we still rate him highly as a footballer and value him as a person,” Kerr told the club’s website.

“We have some understanding and sympathy for his personal circumstances and why he might want to move home but it would have to be a deal that was satisfactory for that to occur.

“If that doesn’t happen, we’re more than happy to keep working with him and help him develop into the footballer that we believe he can be.”

Francis inked his new deal 12 months ago and has played just five career games in two seasons.

Seem to me Francis isn’t agitating for a move like Lever - but if it can be done then he’d take it.

It’s probably like getting a table at a restaurant. He’d prefer to sit near a window but anywhere is fine.

No chance, people would be stereotyping the ■■■■ out of his work rate and cashing in like crazy.

Well he can’t agitate for a move like Lever because he is contracted and Lever is not!


Has any Adelaide club bothered to test him before considering drafting him?

If his fitness ain’t up to scratch, surely he’d perform poorly in that test and therefore not be considered as any where near a start of second rounder if at all?

Nah, they get all their intel from blitz…

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Well he’s only conveyed that he’d like to be closer to family if it could be done. Why ‘do gooders’? Doesn’t even make sense. If anything you’re being a bleeding heart and over simplifying on an emotional basis. Ya big snowflake.:wink:

So I haven’t read everything, but to summarize - We will only trade him if someone offers us a pick in the top 25 which nobody will so he stays with us?


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