#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Let's hope it's not another Jay Neagle


He's been in a professional environment for quite some time and well, it seems like he walked into the club yesterday with how puffed he gets. It's neagle like. He has oodles of talent, it'll be interesting to see how hard he's prepared to work to get there


The bit that concerns me is that it doesn't appear to be because he's lazy, or won't work for it.

He appears to just be naturally unfit.


Well if he never builds a real tank then he will just become a goal square player like Hawkins.
Certainly has way too much talent to just throw away.


Why is he still so unfit? All reports say he has a great attitude, works hard etc.. You would think there would be some improvement - at least be able to get through more than half a game.


Hopefully he gets a good 6-8weeks from here to build some form. It was the right move to rest him after the Anzac game, now there is more regular gaps between games, so he should be in and he needs to build during the next few weeks.


He has played 5 games ffs. He is the least of our problems right now. I think he is too good for VFL, and will not develop as quickly if sent back there. We are not going to challenge this year, so better to keep him in and develop that match fitness and experience against AFL quality defenders. This guy needs as many games into him as possible, because developing him will be a big part of our future success.


I'm not so sure, 7 games playing pure mid resting forward would be highly beneficial to his game and fitness.


Trust me when I say this... one can have improved a great deal and still be unfit.


I never suggested midfield, and he is not a pure midfielder anyway.


Agree, but running in the midfield in the VFL will build his endurance faster.


... I'm yet to see it. Does 1 good thing every game but it's not enough.
Not jumping off just yet but still to see it with this boy.


Someone cue the Franga VFL freakshow gifs


I've watched him play VFL but those awesome long goals and marks are isolated. Not consistent performances. As I said, I'm not writing him off but I'm yet to see it. I hope I do.


You're right. But it's still very early days, and the talent as a youth and potential is real.


Basically used pick 5 on the anti Christian bock.


He'll be even better.
I've put everything on Lav & Frang.


Keep him the ■■■■ in. You ■■■■■ can all go ■■■■ yourselves.


Yeah. What he said!


Francis's lack of fitness is actually a Blitz myth.
Watching him charge up to the wings at times, turn run & compete indicates he has reasonable fitness for a bloke his age and newly grown size.
Yeah he's buggered afterwards but so was Lloydy on the rare occasions he did the same. Short memories people.
speaking of which I had the pleasure of watching Lloyd and Lucas in their first few Ressies games - anyone doubting Francis's potential should possibly have a benchmark or two to compare him with.
So far he's well on track to equal their contributions.
Keep him in.