#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Kick those 2 goals and different convo.

He'll be fine- keep him in now till at least the bye.


Keep him the ■■■■ in.


In, keep him. The ■■■■.








I'm not up to date on this thread, but I'll add my voice to the "Keep him in" crew.

Just pour games into him, either as 3rd tall or 3rd back, whichever you would prefer to develop him as. I'd go 3rd tall forward mostly, but you might want to let him ease into it behind the ball all year.

Anyway. We just need to suck up some development time on Francis right now. And if that means we have to rebalance other parts of the team to do that, then so be it. (and by that I'm talking about the 16 midfield runners, vs 14 midfield runners + 2 inside poor runners who can win the ball etc mentioned in the ruck thread). If by playing Francis at half forward it means that we have to carry one less mature inside ball winner who can't spread all day, then we have to do that I reckon.


The one thing he does each game is sick as so leave him in


We aren't going to play finals this year.

Pump games into the players that will take us to finals in the next few years.

The quicker we get this group below to playing 50 games together the better.

Hurley, Hooker, Daniher, Parish, Zerrett, Langford, Laverde, Francis, McGrath, Fantasia.

It's these 10 that will bring us success in the near future.


Yep, play him. He's got some special stuff about him and the only way he's going to get match fit is playing matches. Not as if he was shocking yesterday either.


As someone said last week, lock him in a room with only a treadmill and feed him (not much) through the space between the door and the ground. Great talent, hope he makes the most of it.


plays every game this year


Why would you not feed him much?

He isn't even close to being overweight. His fitness is actually fine.

He is growing into his body which has probably just stopped growing.

Is a genuine 6 foot 5 player now.


I still think he'll develop better in the seconds. I don't want him learning to be third tall in the firsts, I want him to learn to dominate in one of the two major positions.


Whenever he does get the ball it's awesome, just got to get it near him.


Keep playing him!!

Had he of kicked those 3 goals we'd be looking at a 13 possession 3 goal game in his 5th game!

Mark my words, he will kick 4 goals in one game within the next 6 weeks.

  • Hepp!


Ah of course!

11 players - that's more than enough of a core group to lead us into the next phase of success.

They just NEED to play 50 games together.


Not a bad haul for about 17 minutes of footy