#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


I think Lloyd was also very young when he was drafted. Maybe 16 at draft time, and early 17 when he debuted.


As soon as we draft Francis the AFL remove the sub. Another conspiracy against us.


What other KPP is dominating the AFL in their second season?

Bit of perspective?


Yeah original comment was about some Blitzers saying he lacks fitness.
This is what I'm disputing.
Yes he can still build endurance but give credit to what he's able to do and build on.
or is this too vague for you?


I think he's struggling to play 2 quarters, let alone 4.


He played 107 minutes against Freo (8th of 22). This was an increase from 97m against Collingwood (12th of 22). I suspect that the coaches are trying to pump as many minutes into him as they can, which is probably contributing to him looking stuffed.

Also, it's possible that he's still getting used to playing as a forward and is doing a lot of unnecessary running. Someone who has watched him carefully live can probably comment on this.


Why are you disputing something that's been well established since his first day of training, and is clear for anybody to see watching him play?

I don't see your point. Nobody is saying he can't play, just that he's unfit.


Maybe he looks more puffed-out/red-cheeked than others due to his complexion?


Because there is a difference between fitness and endurance. A difference between being a burst player and and a Stanton or Ambrose who runs all day.
At this stage of his career with Francis this affects where and how he is used in a game.
A more nuanced commentary on how he is best used is what I was after - not just "drop him he's unfit it's his fault Jay Neagle"

Eg does he play more as an inside 50? Do the coaches expect him to roam up and down the ground?
Why not chuck him in the centre for 3 minute spells and see what havoc he can wreak? Do we play him like a mid with 5-6 minutes on, then a breather? Can the side afford this?


How far has he run? Get set for GPS on your TV

Tom Scully's impressive endurance is set to be a statistical feature of next year's AFL broadcasts

Free agency change unlikely in 2017
TELEVISION viewers will be able to see how far and how fast the game's best runners go in 2018 after the players agreed in principle to make such information public.

After much debate, players have agreed during CBA negotiations for in-game GPS tracking data to be shown during games if broadcasters adhere to certain restrictions on what is publicly revealed.

CBA nearly done as club bosses prepare to meet

AFL.com.au understands players were told during club visits in recent days that the agreement will restrict broadcasters to showing the top five players for distance covered and speed in games.

It will give viewers an indication of the speed zones elite athletes such as Greater Western Sydney's Tom Scully and Fremantle's Bradley Hill operate in during games.

Scully has only been off the ground once in the second half during 2017, starting the fourth quarter of last week's game against St Kilda on the bench, while ex-Hawk Hill is regarded as one of the game's quickest players.

While the details are yet to finalised, AFL.com.au understands the AFLPA would need to provide approval for any information outside the top five players on the ground to be used.

Players were concerned that unfettered use of the information would lead to some players being criticised for their perceived work-rate when the data gathered in GPS tracking devices often needs to be put into context.

There were fears commentators could also use the data to come to a simplistic conclusion as to what has caused a player to have a poor game.

However, the players are understood to have acknowledged that the information would be of interest to television viewers and were prepared to compromise.

The AFLPA has spent the past week visiting players at clubs to explain the finer details of the CBA agreement which is expected to be ratified within the next month.

More By Peter Ryan


Considering he is playing deep, and struggling to have any impact after HT, I would say there is no other role for him other than what he is playing now.

The stay at home forward/defender is long gone. All players are expected to push up the ground as part of a full press. You also need to be able to go with your opponent when the ball sling shots.

I'd say the coaches are tailoring his role to his fitness. Stints in the middle are not on the cards. And whatever way you want to spin it, his fitness is very poor by AFL standard.


I would prefer if it just showed how far they’ve run before they bounced, or disposed of the ball, exposing the umpires screw ups.

Also, how about putting one on the ball so we can see how often certain teams get away with kicking the ball 8 metres & awarded a mark


Or how Troy Pannell is a bare-faced cheat.


I remember Lloyd couldn't kick more than 40 metres in his first season or so. His first big performance was late in his second season.

I think we should play him 5 weeks out of 6 for the rest of the season unless he shows that he's not interested in building his tank.


He has never ever given the impression he isnt interested in building his tank.

He is REMARKABLY leaner than last year, and looks to have grown an inch or two.

Daniher as a KPP at the start of his second season was producing similar sort of numbers to Francis is now, he got better towards the end of the season. And don't forget we are still crying out for consistency from Joey in his 5th season!



I was just using that example so as not to make it an unconditional game gifting.


Would have, but didn’t, so can we please stop playing the what if game? FWIW he is very talented and is a big slice of our future and we need him to play as many games as possible. Leave him in.


SPS was BOG against the Filth and will probably get the umpires votes.


Current 2nd year players? Weitering goes alright. But there wasn't many KPP taken early that year. Weideman was probably the only other, and I guess he's tracking about the same


Scache, 2nd pick behind Weitering IIRC.