#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Doesn't sound overly great though... Clearly being managed. Probably sensible in reality.




So, he can't play a game of VFL to get fitter too?


Crazy really.

That said have to trust Crowey, if a mid season mini preseason is required for the kid over playing / training so be it.

Would be a fair slap in the face for him though.


Yeah not great for his morale. But he would be the closest monitored/managed player on the list with good reason. Sell it to him and keep building him up. The more continuity in his training the quicker his fitness will improve. Worse case is for him to miss through injury so the slightest hint of it and he should rightly be pulled out and put into a modified program.


I reckon he's got a niggle. No reason to keep him out otherwise and if so it's very good management.


I completely trust the fitness team and the coaches on everything they are doing with Francis.

I highly doubt any of what is happening would be a surprise to Aaron.

He will be fine. All part of his program


Yes, surely he must be injured. We've just heard every excuse from the Club over the past 4 weeks how game time is the thing that gets you 'fit' for footy, not doing fitness work.


A player's fitness base is built up more quickly by following the preseason routine than from playing matches. Obviously there needs to be a balance so he doesn't forget how to play.


Any update regarding Francis? Club has been very quite about him.




Please play him back, the parallels between him and hurls, both as a forward and a defender, are uncanny.


Please no.

At least not until his fitness is up to it.


He is fine. Managed to get a picture of him at training today. Looks in good spirts


I perfectly happy for him to build in the vfl slowly


Check the VFL report.
"Minor corkie shoul be fine"

Unless you're a Sheedy conspiracy theorist in which case he may have plague, Ebola or his legs dropped off


What are the parallels? They are both strong?

Hurley didn't make it as a forward because he couldn't mark and was a very ordinary set shot.

Are either of those things Francis' problem?


Can't drop a mark if you can't make it to the marking contest.


I personally think Francis is going to be a 'Jarryd Roughead type' key forward when he is fully developed. People just need to relax with all of this hype crap, exactly the same with Langford, they are both still under 21 years of age.


I reckon they both run under it a bit as a forward and both use their bulk in one on ones very nicely as a defender