#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


I think he showed more in his first season. That's a worry. Pick 6?

That Dodoro fella has had a great 15 years


His game was the ONLY positive for the club the entire weekend. He didn't go missing in the 2nd half, he got to as many contests as he did in the first half. Sure it would've been nice to see him clunk a few more than what he did but his game on Saturday was a huge step in the right direction. More of that please Franga.


The match reviews didn't paint a great picture of his game but it was a nice surprise when he was named in the best in the HS.


There are about 5 or 6 people outside of the players who have the right, as coaches, to say something like to a player on the street. Just a ridiculous sense of entitlement. I read a stat somewhere that 60-70% of professional athletes don't actually enjoy playing anymore and its ■■■■ like this that contributes, and it makes me sad. Also, don't use the "toughen up" rubbish - that's 90s bullshit. If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything.


Actually want dusty even more now.

Could you imagine bacchus shouting at him for laughing?

chopstick through the head.


This has been a welcome and highly amusing distraction...


Hope francis plays against collingwood on saturday. Bring him in


I'm in the group that thinks it was out of order...so I hope that someone can get a message to Aaron, to let him know that there are plenty of fans who will always support him in a positive fashion.


Then gives Bacchus the Reboot's Cafe treatment.


This is one place to be able and feel free to express how he feels. If some of us had not had BB after the past
four years I don't know where they would be now. It o.k. to sound off providing it is not targeted. Everyone is allowed to have their feelings and be pizzed off, if that's how they are feeling. Providing you know how to read between the blanks on here. I for one do not have the swear filter BB site has and nor do a lot of others I know.

IT IS ONLY A GAME. Maybe, some of us have too much of ourselves invested in this club. It might be time to
withdraw some of ourselves out of the EFC, do other things and develop other interests away from footy.
Take time out.


So if he plays, and is BOG, then I get the reward for motivation ?

If that came to pass, then it works for me.

Reality is the he probably paid no attention to my comment and is oblivious to all the reactionary morons pledging their love to him on Blitz.

Next time I am at a players function, I will ask him, as long as Mrs Fox is there to protect me.


When we have the required clean out at the end of this season there will be much soul searching done in order to retain Francis. Been a major disappointment since arriving and IMO not worth contracting agin for any more than 1 year.




As if Francis cared about that.

Odds are he got into his car waited until Bacchus left, then him and his mate cracked up laughing . Get a load of that old git. Just like every other teenager that's been told off in public by someone older.


No we cannot be better. Have you some of the utter farktards that barrack for us?


Yup, I'll give it a shot.
But so you know - that 'hypocrisy' comment someone made?
It was directed at your post, not mine.


Back on Francis, if the year is shot I hope we just play him in the last month. I'd rather pump games unto an unfit kid then pump games into 30+ year olds, or Howlett.


I can cope with Frangs laughing out in the car park with a mate when he hasn't even played, but all the frivolity these days with the enemy straight after the siren is look away stuff.


I wish you'd both just shut up.


There's always a laugh or two amongst the flotsam