#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


But he didn't wear the jumper.






Still represents the club.


I think there is a BIG difference between say someone that played on the weekend and was seen laughing as they were walking off the field wearing the jumper, and then compare that to a reserves player who has just gone to the footy to watch his club walking back to his car after the game having a lighter moment with a fellow player.

Bacchusfox - you're expectations are way too high, people are allowed to have a laugh after disappointing moments in life.


Can we sticky this to the top of all Blitz threads?

Hell even the CEO had to apologize to the playing group for making a perfectly reasonable statement after the one of the worst performances in Essendons history.


I thought there was some actual news with all these posts.


I'd like to see the quote from X saying he's apologizing. Do you have it?


blitz is a scary ■■■■■■■ place this week


As weak as.........................(Put your own words in there.)


Interesting comment from Huddo to Robbo on 360 re: the player of a club copping it via social media after a big loss by a club, despite the player not even playing in that game.

If he starts debating hurley forward vs back or predicts how meni goal Joe dan kik then he is a confirmed blitz reader.


Just goes to show that one has to be careful what they say on social media these days. Things are blown way, way, waaaaaay out of proportion.


Or if he reports that the AFL and the umpires have been referred to The Hague on suspicion of war crimes we'll know he really gets his news from Blitz


And if they get their apostrophes right, we'll know they've been reading my posts.


Good point. I'm convinced. Reminds me that after the game I walked past Jack Jones and we caught each other's eye. He walked over to me ready to greet me with a handshake and the slightest hint of a smile, but before he knew I stopped him in his tracks and said "don't you fucken dare smile at me Jonesy. You represent this club and no one should be smiling at a time like this"

You should have seen him slink away after I told him off. I thought he was about to cry. But it's alright cos at least I got it off my chest. If only I could find another club representative to have a go at cos that's what supporters do


I can't believe some of the crap I just read through, 240 posts, he has trained and been played out of position for the past 8 months, goes back to his natural position for 1 game and people are falling over themselves to lay the boots in.

This kid will smash it as a defender, he has courage something 1/2 our list lacks, he also actually kicks the ball and takes a great grab, has power and a great burst.
Now he is being played as a defender it wont be long until he smashes the door down.




I think we need to start drafting players and keeping them in their natural positions, the kid is a beast playing his natural position as a 3rd defender, they have done to him what they did to Hurley, it's crap.
Holy hell this kid plays his best game at AFL level as a defender and only forward since, it's crap always playing players in wrong positions.

We're always having the same arguments, Hurley, Hooker, Carlisle, Francis back or forward?, Langford mid or forward.
I just wish we play them where they play their best footy instead of trying to make the next Hird or Goodes who could just do everything as it came naturally to them.


To be fair.....Francis played just about everywhere in underage. I think I even saw him ruck, once.


Also in fairness, his attributes do best suit him to being that intercept defender.