#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Not after a 5 day break.

Dea will be in for extra height if that is the way we want to go.


Dea won't be in for extra height. He's short. Francis is around 8cm taller.


Was he impressive today?
Seemed productive early, but made some mistakes. I tuned in and out for the rest of the game but didn't hear a lot of him.


You are correct there, but Dea has the capabilities of playing tall. And is effectively the only real logical option to come in and play 3rd tall down back (with Ambrose and Brown injured)

No one who played VFL today will be playing on Friday.


I'd select him this week against the aints if paddy Mccartin is picked to replace membery. They share the same challenge i.e. fitness.

Goddard can run the wing with Reiwoldt unless he goes forward in which case Hurley takes him. Francis on McCartin and Hartley on Bruce.

McGrath rotates to the wing when reiwoldt goes forward and otherwise plays on long/sinclair, Bags on lonie, Kelly on Gresham, Conor on billings.

If mccartin doesn't play, no change.


There is zero chance that Francis will come in to play this week. 5 day break, no chance.

Dea will come in to play 3rd tall if we need. He can play tall.


Is his game being over rated? 13 touches and 4 marks hardly seems like a great game


Everything about frangas are overrated, especially when on the burst.


If he was still running in the 4th its the greatest game he's ever played...


Didn't we learn from that last year?



I reckon he got most of them in the first quarter too, where he took some good marks and then turned it over straight away with some poor kicks.

Feels like the club is trying to build his confidence because it was a pretty mediocre game from him.


Its all a bit weird this bests and who's tearing it up . He's had a few bits and pieces against the weakest VFL side and from memory langers had 32 34 what ever it was and was basically told to get them against a good side in the VFL before you can expect to be in the AFL. Lav did have a good game generally, but I would also think keep going and backup against NB this week. Francis wont be considered after this game and particularly with a 5 day break


Charlie Curnow is a mile ahead of him at this stage


Don't mention the war!!!!


So is hipwood, rioli and 5 others


As mentioned in the vfl thread he was in everything in the first qtr and turned it over numerous times, he was blowing that hard after a repeat effort that he just had to stop and breath while his opponent ran off.
I thought the big Frang was spent and his confidence shot but to his credit he persevered and continued to back himself in and got better as the game went on.
Just needs to settle things down a little and find some composure when disposing of the ball.


Havent we moved him between forward/back all the time? Could that be impacting his development?


I would like to see Francis play a few games alongside Hurley, would do him the world of good, I think Hurley would really teach him so much and Hurley would really enjoy playing with another beastly footballer.
They have quiet a bit in common in the way they go about it, dream come true for me.


I can't see him getting a game again this year now that he's playing back. He would be an absolute liability on the turnover when unable to go with his opponent. And the opposition would be sure to blow him up at every opportunity.

I think they should have persevered with him as a forward, at least until he builds a reasonable tank.