#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Meh. Would still pick Francis easily.

Franga would be getting a game in that Farkcarlton side.


I thought he looked leaner in the tv coverage. He made contests, took intercept grabs, looked disciplined to handball to the obvious first options, and frankly stood out in the backline as much as LAV did in the forward line and Langers did in the middle.

The shanked kicks (and there were at least two) would not be easily forgiven at Afl level though.


Interesting to hear Mark Harvey this week state that he asked the senior coach if he can play back. Thought he looked good on the weekend, made some errors but was pretty dominate across half back and ran the game out well.


If you compared him to Wines, you could almost argue that visually, Franga looks the more athletic, yet Wines is a gun mid! They’re just naturally big lads


Wines can play out a game tho.


Agree that his physique has transformed enormously since even the beginning of this year. Bloke wants it badly, is working hard. Good things to come I reckon.


Lance Whitnall type?


I was wondering why you would compare him to Wines so I checked Wiki and it has Wines at 190cm. Is he that tall??? I thought honestly thought he would have been under 185cm.


Still has very little in common. Not even similar height. They both play footy, I guess.


I keep thinking Jarryd Roughead. Big lump of a kid with very rough looking head.


He is hard to compare, not many guys his size have that power and speed, pretty unique player.


Geez, hindsight is a marvelous thing, but this turned out to be a shocker


I really do think he could be like a Danger/Dusty

Big boys, contested beasts, powerful.

They both started with no tank whatsoever, took them 4-5 years to move into the midfield.


Yep, I’m very big on this. Wishful thinking probably but can’t see a need for him as a key position player anytime soon. Defensively Hurley, Hartley and Ambrose (throw in Gleeson as a tall intercepter) aren’t going anywhere soon, up the other end Daniher, Stewart, Hooker and Laverde (who I like as a mid as well) are ahead of him. Throw Ridley into defence and Brown as a swingman and the key position stocks are full… to capacity.


Don’t reckon he’ll ever be a full time mid. Impact player who can go in there for a burst and cause maximum damage but he’ll never be able to really grind out a full game in their and if he did I reckon it’d negate is biggest strength to an extent, that being his power and explosiveness.


Please. Martin polled 12 Brownlow votes and was 3rd in Richmond’s B&F in just his second season - averaged 1.5 goals and 22 touches per game.


We should compare all our unproven players to GarryAbletts. One or the other. Or combined. Or delist.


Yeah, playing as a half forward flank…

I never said he wasn’t playing well. Just wasn’t playing full time mid.


Thats kind of my point


Really? You know how tall Wines is right?