#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


So if Francis is set to play AFL in the coming weeks who comes out? Gleeson has been excellent. I can only think Baguley? Baguley has been good though.


hurley forward.


McGrath to the midfield, Gleeson back pocket and Francis HBF is my guess.


be stil lmy beating heart.


You’ve just moved Ridley & Brown ahead of him indefinitely. That’s not a given.


190, isn’t he?
Shorter than Jobe.
Francis is 194.


Wines is a beast, would love him in our midfield.


Not moving them ahead of him but just highlighting our depth in the area for at least the next 12 months at least. Have been lucky enough to see him most weeks and really confident there’s a gun midfielder there if fitness ever allows.


ummmm, that finds a spot for him down back. Not in the side though, someone would still need to be dropped from the team.


As happened with TBel and others before him, a current player is injured, then another comes in, plays better, and stays in. Its about taking the chance when you get it.


To be fair, Hickey had a blinder up to that game.


I was impressed with his game last week but if we continue a run for finals can’t see him breaking into the team this year as per Mark Harvey’s comments. Tough backline to break into.


Is anyone really starting to worry that we ain’t getting games into him?, I’m starting to feel he isn’t progressing the way he should be.


He is still only 19, at least until the next week or two.


The only concern is a propensity to pick up injuries. It may be the trials and tribulations of trying to get up to speed with aerobic requirements.


I’d say that’s very much the case, it’s taken nearly two seasons to get him to a point where his body can survive AFL level training and VFL games without breaking, now that his training loads are being maintained through being injury free based on Harvey’s comments his GPS figures are starting to push up to the required levels. Another preseason and he will be fine to play AFL level every week. By 2019 he will be a monster at AFL level.


yep. just needed continuity after such an interrupted 1st season. Touch wood he can get through the rest of this season injury free and go into an off season/pre-season without any niggles or interruptions. Expect him to make big strides in his fitness base over the next 12mths.


Wouldnt be shocked if he doesnt play at all this week.


I wouldn’t be shocked if he came in for Gleeson this week.

*If Gleeson is injured.


I’d be guessing Ambrose will take Gleesons spot at some stage.