#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


I’m in no way in the know, but there seems to be 2 conflicting sides in this, who both claim to be “in the know”.

I interpret that in my mind in one way that suits me, and reckon he works hard, is sometimes frustrated and sometimes struggles being away from his family. That he really wants it and will be a gun, but is still a kid learning about life, his body and the game.

But who knows. I certainly don’t. If only all of those with “sources” agreed eh…


This is pretty much spot on. Also a very shy kid which adds to it. I am still confident he will make it and is the kind of kid with a bit of confidence in the seniors could really shine he just needs his chance.


I think he’s going to be a ■■■■■■■ star, has all the attributes to be another Hurely but a bettet mark and capable of swinging forward when or if needed. It’s just my 2 cents but I think this kid will be an absolute star for this team. The kid is a beast but it will take time


He had a huge amount to deal with in his draft year for an 18 year old. Cant imagine that loosing his brother then shipped off interstate away from his family, couldnt have been easy. Would be hard enough at the best of times. Add to that his run of injury, the kid just needs time to find his feet. His upside is 2nd to none.

Will be a gun of the comp, we just need patience.


afl.com.au named Franga in the bests in the winning team against Collingwood, and Hoffy says he had enough in the tank to play well in the last quarter.

Sounds encouraging


Bring him in


Is he able to run out the games because of an extended break during the 2nd and 3rd quarters?


I’m still reeling from that guy who posted about being a pseudo-macho wanker and having a go at him at a shopping centre.

Anyway, please Woosha bring in Francis. We need a spark


I heard the same, suggestions that he’s not nearly brittle enough to be Essington material


just cause - well yeah it’s always exciting seeing Francis doing what he does best.

Is going to be a beast for the the senior team next year.




I’m a believer, he was slammed in that mark and never looked like dropping it



Fitness, the biggest flaw in his game, has improved dramatically. 2018 looks promising!


Can someone dig up “that” goal? I cbf


Hurley Mark II: back forward back.


Not worried in the slightest. Typical blitz panic merchants at their finest. Come back to this thread in 2020 then make a judgement.


He is going to tear games to shreds soon enough.

He just needs time.


I want him to develop in the AFL - he would give us equal output to any of howlett, dea, laverde, colyer, watson.

Yes he needs time, he also needs time in the AFL.

Play him in the 1’s from this week and don’t drop him.


I’d play him ahead of Dea and Gleeson as a 3rd defensive tall every day of the week.


As that great philosopher Jagger said, … “You can’t always get what you want…”

He’s fine doing his thing where he is for the minute, … only just showed some of what you’d want to see yesterday after a pretty lacklustre month, and even then it was piecemeal.

Needs to do the sort of thing he did yesterday. more often in a game, and more consistently before he’d even be a chance.

He can, & he will. Another pre season under the belt and he should get there very early in 18.