#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


I think some questions need to be asked of how we are developing him too. For two years, he’s been back/forward a million times. Hard for a bloke to get some consistency when he’s constantly changing roles.

Pick his position, and leave him there. Two years in none of us are any the wiser if he’ll be a forward or back and that’s pretty average imo


Injury appeared to be a hamstring. They were strapping it at three quarter time.


Oh FFS! If Francis wasn’t completely rooted at qtr time he might have had 4 or 5 games. There’s no other reason


Jeez some really harsh people on here. You persist with guys of his talent.

The fact is his value is down on the trade table, look at what GWS got for hoskin-elliot or o’rouke or pickett as an example. I would much rather bank on the clubs ability to turn him around than throw in the towel for a 2nd round pick.

He has a skill set very few players possess, if he gets it together then he brings a huge upside to the team. Absolute garbage to say we are stacked with players in the backline that can do what he can.


I see him as another Goddard type player. Goddard didn’t look any good till his 4th season. I do expect to see A much fitter Francis next year though!


Fitness and athleticism was also one of Curnows biggest attributes pre draft.

His skills were questionable and I’d say that’s why he’s settled well as a forward this year, not a high level kick for a midfielder.

Right now I’d probably prefer we drafted Curnow, but relative to their pre draft rankings, Francis hasn’t gotten worse athletically and Curnow hasn’t gotten better.


If the draft was tomorrow id still pick Franga over Curnow. Curnow is and will be a good player, Franga will be a star.


Curnow will be a star. He is Pavlich


I certainly ain’t seeing what you are.
Curnow looks a gun, Francis may not make it.


Throwing Hurley around worked wonders early on.

He will be fine if the sit him at CHB/HBF and leave him there. Another preseason of fitness and he should be ok.

If there are any doubts play hardball and offload him to Port for Wines.


It’s disappointing now. But I don’t think anyone then said we got pick 5 wrong. Right?


Not everyone was on the Francis train


Pick 5 was Parish though.


Yes he’s was…


I was on the Francis train.
I’m still on the Francis train. You’ll find me in the rubble if it crashes.


One of the more regarded posters on here when it comes to junior talent, was very, very against us taking Francis.


Except that in his first two years at AFL Franga has played 5 games in the firsts, Goddard played nearly 40 !


Yeah, but no 1 picks always get played more


Yep usually because they are better players than no 6.

And there was that bloke who was pick 79, who played about 20 games in his first two years.

Franga needs to get on his bike.


He just turn 20 years old. He is still just a kid. We can’t forget that. If he works hard enough he will make it. Those 2 marks he took at the start of the third quarter were all class. Back him in.