#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Pity he’s only got 1/10 of Roughy’s aerobic fitness.


Roughy is known to not have a massive tank, just uses what he’s got wisely.


True enough, that’s just makes Francis’ aerobic capacity all that much more diabolical.


He will both get fitter and learn to use his energy more wisely. :wink:


Jobe says hi


Roughead comparison because they’re both red heads?
Very different players.

When his confidence is up he reads ball in the air exceptionally well, and like Carlisle did, he’s a much better mark with the ball coming in as a defender. However, when you’ve got the natural talent that he has and needs of our list, you’re going to get tried as a forward like we’ve seen with Hurls and Carlisle before. The problem for Aaron is he seems to ride the wave of his confidence more than most which was similar to Carlisle but to a greater extent.
I see a player that has dominated growing up and has had to learn that natural talent alone isn’t going to cut it at AFL level. His confidence had probably been rocked and then there’s been the setbacks through injury.
I have full confidence that with a big pre season where he finally can gets fit enough he will be fine. A lot of it is the fitness and a lot of it is between the ears and in a way they go hand in hand. However it’s wishful to think he’ll be a dominant forward or part time mid. Should get his confidence back through the backline where he looks at home IMO. If we wanted the mid Curnow was always more likely there which I said pre draft. Wanted the pair of them.


Completely agree I dont think Francis plays smart in terms of running and using what fitness he has wisely.


FWIW our alternative to Francis in the draft that year wasn’t either of Curnow or Weideman. We really liked Harry McKay too.


If we drafted Weideman or McKay i highly doubt we would have picked Stewart up.

And we’d also be having the same conversations about did we get it right with those two as well.

Talls take time, time has not happened yet, let’s give Francis another year to show us something.


I would cook him up in a nice matriciana sauce with black olives then bottle him before sending back interstate.



Since we are going Stringer crazy.

Stringer brings even more fire power to our fwd line.

Could we feasibly move Hooker back and play Franga as the stay at home fwd to compete and kick 25-30 goals as a full forward?

Stewart. Francis. Fantasia

Walla. Daniher. Stringer.



I could live with that L2L


No. He doesn’t halve enough contests at this time, and isn’t as good at Hooker at marking. Would be more mobile while his tank is there, but that’s not the key to the role that Hooker is filling.

You want to replace Hooker and move him back? Get another ruck and put Belly there. And yes, I’m serious.


Yeh ok.

I don’t think Franga is as good a mark either. That’s why I had him down for 25-30 goals not 40+ like Hooker.

But not halving enough contests is an issue.

Bellchambers idea isnt the worst. But I just don’t think you can carry 2 ruckmen in the current game.

Lobb, Patton and Cameron isn’t really working out for GWs at all for example.


I think francis is a very good mark when hes the 3rd tall in defence. Hooker is elite at contested marks, you’d be hard pressed to find someone as good.


The courage Francis has in marking contests is one very rare trait, it’s not so much the contested type marking and timing like Hooker, but his mental strength to put his body on the line knowing he will get crunched.
I have very high hopes for this kid, as a 3rd defender he will play some amazing games in years to come and give us some very memorable moments.


Franga needs to have a season of consistent footy down back as third tall, then we will see what we have and plan accordingly.

I’d be getting Hartley on the weights to take the big tall role. Would not be adverse to bringing in a State league big back if there are any.

Going to be a lot of competition for spots next year. Franga will need a massive pre season.


Time will tell, of course.
In my opinion, Francis is faster, will be a better mark, more agile and reads the play just as well. He lacks years of experience.


A better mark than Hooker? Wow!


Don’t know how much you can believe but Lloyd, Barrett and Lyon saying attitude could be holding Francis back. If that’s the case I hope he does a Watson and has a massive pre season. A nice end of season break with boxing coaching would not hurt. I hope he finds what works and motivates him.