#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Yeah, but they were 190-194cm tall, not 200cm like today’s CHF’s


And one was 174cm odd…


Is this the real Franga?




Jason Dunstall was 188 and Lockett 191. Barely even 3rd tall height these days.


Lets hope this kid is putting in the hard yards like Lav and Langford.

Can we have a Franga watch over the offseason?


We should start Franga watch now… I want to see Essendon tweet photos of him working hard in the gym.


He is most likely back in SA


They did exactly that last year, talking up the extra work he was putting in.


I want him to at least spend some time with his family and loved ones before we start harking on him to be training again a few weeks after the season has ended. Let him freshen his mind up and come back firing, and if we wants to start a little earlier than good luck to him.


There aren’t gyms in Adelaide?

I’m all for him spending time with family but he could hit the gym for an hour or two per day.


You should write him and the club a letter telling them how to live.

Please request he takes a selfie at the outback gym rolling tyres and shearing sheep. Then have Essendon communication specialists twitter it to make us all fell better that Aaron Francis cares about what we think of him and his dedication to fitness.


Arent you trying to be a little smartie…

If I was criticised in the media and the club said that I had to come back in elite shape then I would do whatever I could to achieve those.

This is a top 10 pick player we are talking.


I am being a bit smartie. Sorry I’m bored.

But Franga reports to the club.

Not the fans.

And mental preparation is just as important as physical. If he needs a spell to then go full throttle when the time comes then all good.

I feel for the fella, I think people assume it’s an application issue with him. I’d be surprised if it is…


But he has been told to do this before reporting to the club for pre-season training.


What’s Adelaide got to do with it? He’s from the Riverland.


Orange you glad he said that?


Yeah…we need to get the fruits of our efforts and Berri our mistakes in the past.


You guys are nuts.


They’re quite the pear.

I don’t know why, but the nonsense has such apple on them. They just can’t seem to help themselves.

I don’t see the a peel myself …