#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


FFS!! Get real


The guys a dud , Ridley is a much better option as a third tall .


OUR last key defender played in a grand final when he was seventeen


They played zaka while out of form, ditto myers.
If they were “ruthless” as you say, francis would be and should be so far down the pecking order.

I’d hazard a guess it’s more they saw what was on offer coming into the club potentially this year, and simply felt he was expendable.

Not saying it’s bad or the wrong call, just rough on a kid who barracked for the club as a kid, who they took 2 years ago knowing full well it’d be a long term process getting him right.
If the reports are right and it’s more they have pushed him out, or at least backed him into a corner re leaving slighly, still a cuntish thing to do to a kid.
again not necessarily the wrong call, but still a right and wrong way to come out and do it.




That goes without saying. You would also give Franga and pick 11 this year for him and walk away pretty chuffed. Still ain’t gonna happen.


We should support the f*ck out of this kid and hope he comes good. Trade or no trade.


A random tweet by an anonymous person on twitter at 4:49am doesnt hold a lot of credibility if you ask me.


Won’t get Stringer deal done so you wouldn’t think we would go for this.


Would get the Gold Coast deal done I reckon, banking a pick for next year is something they would be interested in. Ditto GWS. Would get one down.

Depends on if you think that’s value. If the club is testing the market/giving him a wake up call then it won’t be enough, if the club thinks he isn’t going to develop, it is.


No way for a second rounder and no way giving port anything.


The only thing Dodoro needs to do is to tell port and Koch to ■■■■ off.


Yeah. And that’s got nothing to do with the Francis thing.


Exactly. He should just ring them up and do that on a weekly basis anyways.


If this is actually the case then no props go to dodoro. He has turned pick 6 in to 17 in 2 years:

It’s a miss. A big miss. Especially when you see Charlie Curmow running around about to take the competition apart.

Atleast he knows he has to fix it and is in the process of burying the past.


I reckon that playing in the senior team every week is the kind of thing that would go a long way to curing homesickness.


Spending alot of time in the modified training group would also not help homesickness. You just want to be out on the training track, having fun with your mates.


So what you 2 are getting at is, this clubs ■■■■■■?


They all showed significantly more at the age of 20.


The problem with trading Francis are the known unknowables.