#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Be patient and get behind him he is going to be a very good player.

I rate him ahead of Langford for intensity at the contest.

One of the best long kicks on the list and of course a fine overhead mark.


And that’s just the known problem.


Bradley Hill won Freo’s B&F - his words interestingly after winning in regards to his onfield success…“Maybe being home and being happy. I’ve got all my family and friends around me and I’m just enjoying life,” Hill said.
Just saying…


I seriously think ridley is going to suprise a few and be a absolute star.


The only question mark is on his aerobic capability. The way the game is played, forward or back you still need to cover kms. He’s got everything else to dominate.


I rate him very highly.
He’s more of a Mackie/Birchall type uber-flanker than a key defender though.



I’d be surprised if a deal did get done.


Yeah, Im not hugely sold on Schache either. But kpp kids often take a lot of time, more so if they arent sure where they want to be.

Getting Schache would also be an interesting pointer to how we want to play re forward setup. Quite old school.


Not sure I like the idea to be honest. A young KPD would be more preferable


Not sure you can blame Dodoro. He wasn’t the one that had to train and get fit. Kids (in general, not just Frances) have to realise that getting drafted is the beginning of the process not the end.


I think you can. This is why they interview the players, coaches, family, everyone they can to find out if they have the grit to make it. To find out if there are issues that will hold them back.

Comments in this thread and Scott Lucas among others suggests issues were there.

Obviously his brothers death is a major one and I don’t begrudge him dealing with it however he sees fit but this is why Dodoro gets the big bucks. Not to ■■■■ up pick 6.


Someone had to take him eventually.

He was one of the highest rated kids, he probably dropped down to 6 due to his “issues” - however on talent he was right up there with Weitering, Schache etc.

Adelaide didn’t have a pick till 11 - no way was he dropping that far.

Someone had to take the gamble, and it was us.


Still missed the right now part? Let me put it to you this way - you are a club looking for a young key defender RIGHT NOW, give me a list of the young players who you think have bigger upside than Francis but will possibly not cost a heap in trade because they haven’t yet established themselves. I don’t know every clubs list as well as ours obviously but I can’t think of a better prospect in that category. Francis is to young key defenders what Schache is to young key forwards. Both were highly rated pre-draft, both have only had 2 years. We know talls take longer, Hooker for example was on many people’s trade list early in his career so for mine its the worst time to trade Francis unless of course there are factor we have not been made aware of. If there are attitude problems, underlying medical concerns or he is genuinely homesick then of course than changes things but based purely on whats public it would be a failure right now to trade out Francis for anything but a 1st round pick.

Its probably important to remember as well that unlike many clubs who have bottomed out the year before we didn’t use 2017 as a re-building year. Normally high draft picks would be gifted opportunities & more time to get continuity but this year we had a very stable side with few injuries, more experienced depth than normal & so very few games were given to young players unless they were standouts like McGrath. Now if we assume the plan is to keep Hooker forward who do we have that can cover for Hurley if he gets injured? Hartley was exposed most of the year, Ambrose is a good honest trier but missed a lot of footy this year & is hardly class so again what plans to we have for strengthening our key defender stocks. Hurley is 27, if we get rid of Francis then we have only Ridley, with less exposed form than Francis as our only option. Beyond that, if we assume we get at least some of the trades done we have very little opportunity to find a replacement in 2017 draft so we are back to going into 2018’s draft with 2-3 years tops to find another key back & still needing to bolster the midfield. Its poor planning.


Whilst I’m excited with the prospect of bringing in stringer, smith and saad, id be very disappointed if we deal on Aaron tbh.

20 years old ffs.


As much as I am a fan of Francis I do want to point out I was all for Charlie Curnow and everyone shot me down, just saying.


A lot of people said the same about Francis. Right now they are both purely potential. I like what I’ve seen of Ridley but without any senior games at all we have no idea what he will be. I’ve seen Francis display elite patches, top quality judgement in marking contest & kick freak goals. I have to believe thats a glimpse of whats possible so for mine giving that away now seems silly. Again he’s just turned 20 & fwiw if we are thinking of trading Ridley this time next year I will feel the same even if he hasn’t broken into the side.


That’s part of drafting.
Knowing who has talent and who is willing to apply

He had pick 6 that is now a second round pick. You can’t say anything other than it is a big miss.


As they say, nothing in life is free.


So Watson, Stanton, Hocking, Kelly going doesn’t help? I’m sure there will be more players booted too.