#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


good for you?


And after his first contract runs out hes demanding a trade to carlton…


Still basing it on what you THINK players will do. What they, their family, their coaches and everyone around them say they will do, will not make them do it.


I think if we trade him it will come back to bite us on the ■■■■.


It’s actually his job to THINK what players can and will do and what they will become.

In fact that is his one and only job.

If botched it and now he is fixing it which I give him credit for.


Of course it is. But if all indications were that someone was going to do something, and they don’t, you cant make them do it.
Its like doing due diligence in staff selection. Its not a perfect process.
Personally I think if after two years Frances isn’t up to it then likely he may never be.
Showing glimpses of natural ability is something you expect from a junior, or an Irishman.


What is the obsession with Sloane? Matt Crouch has gone past him as Adelaide’s best midfielder…


I don’t think its just a commitment to fitness problem for Francis, confidence is playing a major part in his output aswell.


Last year I suggested trading the crouch brothers in for pick 1 when Brad was being speculated on.

I got flamed.

I still wouldn’t do it in hindsight now we have Pidge but Matt has grown into a very good player and Brad has significant untapped talent.

Despite this, Sloane is still Crows number 1.


I was actually with you, if only for matt crouch


That is not saying alot!!! Reckon everyone on the list, bar J Merrett, would be in the same boat.


Never say never obviously but I’d be beyond surprised to see him traded now.


This about Sloane or Francis?


Do you say that mainly due to a lack of strong interest from the two South Australian clubs?


Something I have noticed on Franga’s instagram:

His recent post from the Crichton has no attention at all from any of the senior guys at the club, whereas his posts prior to this all have likes from Heppll, Zaka, Hooker etc

Potentially shows the players were all aware of his intention to leave and not happy - also may indicate that he is out of there (i.e. Dodoro has decided to trade him)


I’d trade him to Port for Marshall.


Francis is contracted and stays…unless we are offered overs for him

or unless we can use him in part to negotiate a trade for Sloane.


Oh geez, confidence player is the last thing you want someone described as.


And confidence has no bearing on your fitness level.

Wish it did I would be really fit.


Not Sloane, but Ollie Wines is what we need…or one of the Crouch brothers.