#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


The above post was not brought to you by the letter ‘S’


Ollie Swine


You know for a kid whose dream from a young age would have been to play for the Dons.

Must be something significant to want to head home.


I don’t think you can get anything more significant than losing your brother.

For a kid that has experience such highs and such lows at a young age I’m not that surprised that he is questioning what’s important.

Mercuri went through something similar and was never the same player.

Whatever Francis decides I wish him the best.


I’m looking forward to when we can say, ‘Hey, remember when Port were offering a future second round pick for Francis?’
And all have a good laugh.


You have stalker like qualities.


Junkins I mean Jenkins must be laughing at the contract he got from Adelaide. This man is no play maker.


That would be because he hardly uses instagram. Look at his posts, about 6 in 3 years or something. It filters through like facebook now cause facebook own it. Someone who isnt as active doesnt reach everyone on their feeds. Its just how it is these days.


Surely mods must start temp banning people who post tweets by the Trade Whisperer or AFL Shouter???


Now as in “at this stage” or now as in “now that I’ve learned more”?


Shouter isn’t too bad, Whisperer absolutely despises Essendon and is that far up his own a$$ it’s not funny…fair chance its Barrett.


It’s been said many times before on the forum, but all of those accounts are obviously absolute bullshit and anything they get right is the equivalent of a broken clock being right twice a day etc.

It’s frustrating to see people discuss them on here as if the rumours have any merit whatsoever.


It’s frustrating to see people discuss any rumours on here as if they have any merit whatsoever


And that’s the point. People come on here and say my cousins aunts mother in law is a good friend of…
No different to something on twitter.

Now Frances. Is he going or staying?


Really. So no rumour is worth speculating on?

WTF else do we do for the next 2 weeks???


If you’d spent two years telling someone they need to try harder and their response was to pack up and go home I’d be inclined to let them.




:100: yep


Do you know that?


Partly but mostly because we’ve invested a lot in Francis. It goes far beyond the pick 6 at the draft and the other support the club has provided but also the two years we’ve spent developing his body for AFL footy. I’ve got no doubt he’s going to start blossoming as a player over the next two seasons. He’s worth far more to us than anyone else given the investment in him for the future. I’d say the Lions are in the same boat with Schache. Neither SA team are going to cough up what we’d deem suitable so with that in mind, I’d say he’s staying, despite his management’s public request which I don’t think went down too well at Tullamarine.