#10 Saint Francis , off to Sydney Diocese

What’s even better?? He destroyed St Kilda while Carlisle can’t get a game and was picked as their reserve ruck while their two main ruckmen are out, and we demolished them.

“We won’t be trading pick 5” - Ameet Bains.



Very happy with his game tonight. Huge difference when the opposition forwards are not being spoon fed due to midfield dominance.

Team mates have a proper love/hate relationship with Big Az. :laughing:

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He played out the game. Think it was relatively minor, if anything

Since when did Alex rance dye his hair red?

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That effort where Guelfi bloked him from spoiling was seriously impressive, shows his fitness is finally coming along


I think someone may have just stood on his foot the way it happened

The way he can intercept mark, look inboard and kick with intent to open the game up is a serious weapon. But he’s entirely founded on the confidence/self doubt ratio given how he plays.

Was awesome today.


As far as St Kilda are concerned, Carlisle was steak knives in the deal that got them Gresham.


As soon as Zerk-Thatcher is added to the backline, it looks so much more settled.

I still don’t like Francis being used as a 2nd Tall defender… but it helps having BZT with height and can lock down his opponent.

Francis & BZT have been treated pretty unfairly by supporters IMO. Both have only played a handful of games, and haven’t had much senior support.


That’s revisionist though. At the time the deal was pick 5 for Carlisle.

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it was a three way trade with Sydney

Is there any chance we continue to play this bloke in a position that suits him?

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Yeah but there rest was all haggling and steak knives. The essence of the deal was Carlisle for pick 5.

Technically, it was a three way deal that got us pick 5 and Craig Bird, got st Kilda Carlisle and pick 13 (Gresham) and Sydney got picks they used on Mills.

Carlisle is almost the least relevant part of that trade.


I still rate Carslile as a player. His attitudes sht though.

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I think the saga broke him (as a player) as much as anyone.


Could have really been something if not for that.


Disagree with this one. The over indulged sook mentality was with him from the start.

Not that the Saga would have assisted a pre set attitude along those lines.


I think it’s his attitude and personality that stopped him from realising his enormous potential. Around 2013 I thought he was a guaranteed future All Australian and rated him higher than Hooker and Hurley (although Hurley was still playing forward at this point, knowing what I know now Hurley was a miles better defender than Carlisle ever was or could be).

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