#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Get calculating.


Was a hint @DJR knowing what a fan he is of stats.


Get on with it, Cookie.


hes not a real fan anymore more, doesn’t do the coaches vote calcs.


see? dgaf about stats.


A vfl ladder though? here’s one he prepared earlier.


Based purely on wins/losses we are top 5 for the last 5 weeks.

I’m at the pub so for/against will have to wait until tomorrow.


Do you even Blitz?




Just play the kid. He’s worked damn hard and put together a good consistent block of footy.


can’t wait for you to be told you’re wrong.


Ridley probably has the better match up but in reality we are fark all chance of making the 8 so lets just play him if he is ready. With Redman all but done for the year I’d be be pretty keen on getting both Ridley and Francis into the team.


Top 5 teams for last 5 matches played.

  1. Sydney 5 wins - percentage increased 19.1% to 125.7 in this period
  2. Collingwood 5 wins - percentage increased 17.3% to 119.4% in this period
  3. Port 4 wins - 138% (percentage taking out first 8 rounds).
  4. North 4 wins - 123.3% (percentage taking out first 8 rounds)
  5. Essendon 4 wins - 114.2% (percentage taking out first 8 rounds)

The percentage of the first 2 teams I can’t be bothered calculating, but both ahead on wins and Sydney’s obviously superior, both would probably be 150% plus given Port had a percentage of 138% when their percentage improved 11.2% from 102.7% after round 8 to 113.9% after round 13.

And the good news is that we get to play all the teams above us on this table in the run home, plus Richmond and the Hawks above us.

I dare say regardless of where we finish, we will at least know where we stand compared to the best teams, for the last 14 matches at least.

Bar the 2 Adelaide games we would rather forget the first 8.


Surprising North are doing so well, if they finishes the year we’ll and with their dollars in the bank its a compelling case for moving players.


Don’t get too carried away just yet, their 4 wins were over Giants (H), Dockers (A), Lions (H), Bulldogs (just). And their loss was to the Cats.

Where ours were Cats (H), Giants (A), Lions (A), Eagles (A).

Anyway, the question of who is better at the moment will be answered soon enough.


What is all this match uptalk? Francis doesn’t need a match up. He just needs a time and a place to show up. Let the kangaroos work out what to do with him not the other way around.

Giddy up


Yep, I was kinda worried with Pops retiring, Injuries and Goddard looking close to retirement. The back 6 looks covered.


and we have done it without Gleeson for all of the year and Ambrose missing a lot of footy.


It’s time. Bring this man in and reward his good form


We will regret not playing him.

Half a season of continuous senior footy this season would have set him up perfectly for 2019