#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Honestly I don’t think 12th is where we are really at at the moment, if you you considered the last 5 rounds from scratch over the competition we are ranked a lot higher than 12th. Its just unfortunate we had to have “Teething problems” and “have turned the corner” injunctions for the first 9 rounds.

So saying that

Bring him in


Continuous footy regardless of where is important, I’m sure the club and Francis are in constant dialogue, Still plenty of footy this season at both levels.


Aaron needs to put in a poor game so he can get a look in the senior team.


Papers stamped


Im shocked he didn’t get selected…not!!!


Hearing he wants to play seniors but is really enjoying his footy that VFL is still something to look forward too. Biting his time and will just keep competing hard. In good spirits


Maybe he and the club have agreed that he will be in adelaide next season and is happy to play him in VFL to help him with his issues?

Sounds stupid


Great that he is happy but his body is good, his head is good and his form is good. Now is the time to get him into the side and give him a chance. He is a big part of our future and one of, if not the most talented player on our list.


Exactly. GET HIM IN


This notion has been debunked a few times already in this thread.


Hope he doesn’t break his teeth


I’m so proud of him, his parents must be over the moon with how he has handled everything.
Everything he does do at AFL level will be really rewarding for everyone who has been around him and has followed his career like us.
Love the lad.


I heard he’s going to debut in his home town in round 23 and kick 4 goals from half-back to win the game and put us into the finals.


You would think you would get as many games as possible in him. Incase he did want to get to Adelaide at least he would gain some currency in the exchange period.


And sink one from 55m? And be played forward for the next four seasons because of that one showing even though he is a true defender?

At least we can’t done in an ensuing Elim final by the crows at football park.


Damn. You missed the entire joke, and still made me look clever.


He’s already under contract for another year.


Big statement
Although of course we remain very hopeful


It’s time.

Every game for the rest of the year.

Ambrose injury makes it an easy decision.


Watch them bring dea back in for Ambrose. Nothing surer.