#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


FFS he has to play.

Ambrose, Redman injured. No [email protected] brainer.



Well it would be the like for like decision.


So who is framcis’ “Like for like”… Hurley? He’s never getting dropped


Yep. Or Goddard.

I’m not saying you couldn’t bring Francis in for Ambrose, but you’d have to rejig our defence to do it, and that’s not an overly sensible thing to do imo to a defence where things are going ok.


if Things aren’t going well, then Don’t you think a change is needed? Rejiging the backline could be just what we need


Hurley into accountable kpd role again, and Francis as 3rd tall.

It’s time

The Ambrose injury has opened the door


So with people wanting Goddard go around again should Aaron be on the lookout for a new club?
If he can’t get into this current side what happens next year with Ridley, Gleeson,Redman all higher on the pecking order.


Imagine had he played today. Could he have done less than McNiece? Anyone? Or indeed, might he have done a lot more and actually created something?

Never know will we, because our selection committee have small dicks.


There is no excuse no to give him a run.

I’m sure the club will come up with one by Thursday, however.


I think today has shifted priorities back to where they probably should have always been. I’d be finding a way to play the guys we don’t know as much about over being overly concerned about keeping the existing structure of the backline together.

Rotate Goddard and Hurley our if you have to, we have Francis, Ridley and Redman (when he’s back) who need to play - it’s so obviously the right call longer term.


maybe it’d make our rebound/intercept better?

dea and ambrose can’t be counted to launch an attack from their disposal.


Agree. But that’s not their job. Their job is to play tight, which is not what Francis does.
Personally I’d rest Goddard and have a look at Francis if it was my call.


would you have goddard go on another year?

i’d look to have him coaching in a vfl/youth capacity.


He should come in for Ambrose, Hurley to play the lockdown role and Aaron to be more attacking.


Yes. I’ve said before that I’d offer another year provided he accepted he was going to spend a lot of time in the magoos teaching the kids, and that he transitioned into our coaching panel the following year. If he didn’t want to accept that, then no.


Goddard was terrible in the backline, if Ambrose is out Francis should come in.


Woosh to Francis is Skipworth to Langford


Just can’t shake the feeling that he’s checked out of the club, and the clubs checked out of him.


You trippin’? He was an emergency


he’s been an emergency for 6 weeks.