#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


You should.
He certainly seems happy enough.


about twice


Thought Woosha’s presser was telling. Obv, we’re choosing to play Goddard (and Hurley) ahead of him. Seems like they’re struggling to make him fit. Problem that we now seem to have going forward, is that we currently have about 7 guys (ZERK, MARTY FRANG, RIDS, REDMAN, HURLS, BJ) on our list fighting for 2 spots, which is great, but, even if one of them retires at year’s end, we’ve still got half a dozen guys all of whom are gonna be demanding a spot next year. You can be pretty sure a couple of those guys will be looking elsewhere before long…


Has to be this unfortunately.

Woosha tried to say Goddard keeping him out lol


Would be nice to have 6-7 blokes fighting for the A grade mid spot but alas we are stocked up on half back flankers


Come on, if that’s the reason he’s not getting a game then things are seriously farked. He may as well pack his bags now.

Pretty simple solutions to these problems, and no excuse as well. I’d be arguing for a start that Goddard could play further up the ground where he might do some damage to start with. Then there’s the option of Hurley playing pure defence, as so many of us have been arguing for, or even both of them playing intercepting roles. Then there’s the option of rotating players into different positions.

I swear I’ll go spare if Francis is missing out because of this bullsht. Play him, and make it fit. This week.


If.woosha is serious about playing for tye future then francis gets a run of games starting next week. Simple as that.


B: Saad, Hurley, Gleeson
HB: Francis, Hooker, McKenna

Just do it.


During the next 7 games we need to figure out what next year’s best 22 might look like. Francis MUST get a block of games. If Goddard needs to have a rest or play another role to achieve that, then so be it.


can develop in the 2nds as well.

Francis gets picked if hes in the best 22 available. I’d say he is close given the injury to Ambrose today.


We need to see what he can do in the 1s


Can’t wait for everyone to ask why he hasn’t played earlier after he takes 15 grabs nxt wk, quickly followed by various trade talk click bait.


hurley still needs to improve


Our problem is he’s a backman. Our backline has been fine all year.


Not sure about our backline being fine all year.

It cost us quite a few games through that lean period due to not taking the game on.


Until a 3rd tall position opens up he should play in 1s as an impact player where needed. He can take a mark up forward and kick a goal, or impact a clearance. Every player needs to learn to play a 2nd position. Francis is better equipped than most to learn quickly.
If Woosha really means we are prioritising future success then this is it.






Do you think by his current decision making Woosha is serious?