#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Wrote a comment last week about how I see franga playing the Goddard role but didnt follow through with it thinking people wouldnt agree with me but wooshas comments basically back that up now.
Was writing that we could move goddard up onto the wing or in the centre possibly even forward throughout the game just so Francis can settle a bit. Goddard has been pretty solid though.


The problem is we need Goddard kicking.

He can only play the loose quarter back role. If he played further up the ground he would get burnt badly, they would run off him all day.

We need some of our kids who are great kicks to get in the team so we are not so reliant on Goddard. Gleeson, Ridley and Redman should do it.


Francis is a good kick.


Francis is an EXCELLENT kick.
Move BJ onto the wing and Francis can play BJ’s role. Dea back in for Ambrose.

At the end of the day, it’ll come down to minutes on the ground, Francis won’t be able to run out a full game, it’ll be a great learning opportunity rotate off the bench with BJ tutoring him.


And it’s not a bad problem to have


Francis is probably the most dangerous kick we have in the team, more speed and depth than Goddard and like him, Franga is also prone to fluffing a few from time to time


Why exactly can’t we play Francis and Goddard in the same team? But have no issues playing Ambrose/Dea/McNiece etc


That’s overselling him. Francis is very very good as long as he stays within his means. If he goes for hero switches all the time he comes undone.


His ability to hit up those 45 degree corridor kicks and pinpointing targets inside 50 with penetration are weapons, like I said he does fluff a few. Was forgetting Zach, so let’s say 2nd best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like Matt Dea and he didn’t deserve to be dropped, but in reality he is not going to take us anywhere, he’s a solid role player and a 18th - 25th on the list.

It’s time for Francis this week, must come in as he can be part of our next flag push, and become a top 10 player on our list


Doesn’t matter if Francis can’t run out a game now does it, this is about game time.


also about keeping him motivated.

He’s worked hard to get where he is and he should be rewarded.

I feel Wooshas comments could be deflating. Imagine working so hard and being told you are a mile off it.


The whole team is miles off it.


I wonder what he thinks when he keeps playing VFL and seeing guys like Colyer stroll into the senior team with just one full VFL game under his belt.


He said he was miles off being the player we know he can become. Not miles off playing in AFL


about 16 points from the second place team on the ladder.

Not miles off it at all.


You’d think that if playing Redman and Goddard didn’t cause confusion we’d be ok with Francis and Goddard.


The year is officially ■■■■■■■ done, Clarke, Francis, Mutch, Ridley. Bring them all the ■■■■ in


He said he is a mile off being the player they(coach and the staff) know he can be


He will play this week, nothing surer.