#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Anyone got his numbers from the vfl?



If that’s consistent with the message to Francis I call BS


17 disposals, 9 marks, 3 tackles and 0.3.




Just bring him in he’s a utility can play anywhere.


Francis is actually the ideal replacement for Stringer (yes, I know he hasn’t played the role at VFL):

  • start in the middle for 5 minutes on the ball at the start of each quarter
  • then have 3-4 minutes on the bench
  • then back on and play deep forward

The role suits him to a tee.

Go on Worsfold, show some daring.


He has to come in for Ambrose. Surely.


what about dea, it isn’t fair. i’ve had enough now i want my share can’t you seeeee


that’s probably what will happen.


Wtf… 3rd tall defender suits him to a tee. He was tried as a forward and sucked.


Didn’t suck at all (looked very dangerous versus Brisbane). But I agree that we should be playing him as a rebounding defender at this stage. Let him get up to speed in the ones watching the game unfold in front of him.


They throw him fwd all the time in VFL

Knows where the goals are and can roost from outside 50. Plus freakish overhead.

He’s played plenty of it in juniors.

Looked great in 1st quarter of Pies game last year fwd but had zilch fitness.

If he is needed fwd it’s where he plays and frankly we should have plenty of ball coming his way vs GC so won’t be short of opportunity.

Dare I say Stringer like?


Wasn’t he originally a forward but asked to go back to improve his game?


Is most natural spot is defence but yes he has played forward for a fair share aswell. Played one game in the 18 championships up forward kicking 4 goals I believe


I’m sure that if the selectors told him he was only going to replace one of the tall defenders but…there’s this vacancy to replace this guy who’s got a similar skillset to you, but he’s playing forward…would you like to give that a go?

I’m sure he’d say no…leave me in the backline n the magoos.

Only alternative is to play Stewart, or Laverde if he’s fit.


I’m still happy we took him even if he is never able to reach his potential, how can you not get excited as a recruiter when you have 18s highlights like this


4 goals 5 so would fit right in.


One clip a forward make.


Didn’t he do much the same thing for West Adelaide up forward in 2015?