#10 St Francis of the Rising Star


Did you watch any of the vfl with him forward? He looked poor. Didn’t read the play anywhere as near as good as he does as a defender, and although he had a couple of highlights, he has been monumentally more impactful as the 3rd tall interceptor.

If we play him forward I may just have a WOB moment.

Meeting Francis using numbers, which shows how exceptional he has been.

Francis vs Vic Metro took 12 marks (11 intercept mark) his courage & great hands backing back into packs was a real feature.

Vs WA Francis had 22 possessions, 4 goals, 5 behinds, total 9 shots & laid 6 tackles, 2 which resulted in shots for goal.

Champion data rated Francis the 6th best player in the championships behind 1. Hooper, 2. Mills, 3. Schache 4. Weitering, 5. Parish.

Given Francis has spent the majority of his year on half back, comparing the South Australian with fellow highly rated defender Weitering makes for interesting reading.

Francis took 14 contested marks across the championships, 27 intercept marks and recorded a tally of eight spoils. Weitering had 16 contested marks, 19 intercepts and 12 spoils.

While the numbers are relatively even, that’s without factoring in the time Francis spent forward.

Remarkably, he also recorded 13 shots on goal in addition to his superb defensive numbers. Only Schache and Ben Ainsworth had more shots in division one.


Just play him as a third tall john.


playing him forward will be like playing Hurley forward all over again, but worse. The club will live to regret it. Toughen the dark up, cut the deadwood from the backline, and play him where he can dominate ffs


I don’t understand why people think Aaron is unfit. He played Anzac day well last year. His break from footy was for mental reasons not physical and he has played some great last quarters in the VFL. It looks like the perfect opportunity to give him another AFL game.


…can someone finish that off for me



That was definitely not the response I was expecting




You know Blitz does not like such sense. Blitz would bring in Green to replace Hooker.


Open letter to the selection committee,

Dear Selection Committee:





Of course, that didn’t actually happen, so I’m not sure how he’d feel about it. Maybe he’d also see where the injuries in the senior team are.


you’re sick, you know that?


Yes, Colyer did come in after one full VFL game (and two partial games).


Play him. It’s time. He’s happy, he’s fit, his form has been consistent if not always “smashing down the door”, his development would benefit from an AFL game, and our AFL season priorities have changed in the fallout of the Collingwood loss.


I Don’t care when he comes in, but when he does, he must enter the stadium like Hulk Hogan or the Ultimate Warrior WWF style.

It was written in scriptures, therefore it must be done!






What about a cape ?
He could definitely pull it off.


Get imaginative FFS. Send Hurley forward and bring the bloke in! How refreshing would it be to make those changes? Likely invigorate the team and help fire them up